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She made believe she was not a bit anxious, and talked of a lot of things that might have kept him.
Then she made believe that the Rangers were in hearing, and put up her bugle and blew the 'assembly'; and then, 'boots and saddles'; then the 'trot'; 'gallop'; 'charge
And only made believe to do so for mischief's sake?
Not wishing to start an argument, Geppetto made believe he saw nothing and went on with his work.
Bruno took a good handful of mane in each hand, and made believe to guide this new kind of steed.
So now, although Chaucer meant his tales to be read, he made believe that they were told by a company of people on a journey from London to Canterbury.
We squatted down by the fire, and with heads bent forward on our knees, made believe to sleep.
Sancho was astonished, and those who stood by made believe to be so too, and turning to the majordomo he said to him, "What we have got to do first, and it must be done at once, is to put Doctor Recio in the lock-up; for if anyone wants to kill me it is he, and by a slow death and the worst of all, which is hunger.
That was the time when we would have made believe we were in the wizarding world ourselves: Yelling out the magic spells we knew so well and throwing up our legs and crying, "Alohomora
She could not help identifying with her father, who (in his way) coddled her and made believe that she was his "little hostess," manipulative as this was.
usually wary made believe a With a gun still held to her head, she bravely stepped over the doorway before running out on to the street to her car.
Instead, they accentuated the positive and made believe that all was well.
WHY is it in this young people and teenagers are being made believe that their future in being some kind of star as a singer, dancer, comedian model?
They said this in a way which made believe they were capable of doing it.
Crowe made believe he thought Plant was singer David Coverdale of Whitesnake, a band considered somewhat derivative of Led Zeppelin.