make a spectacle of (oneself)

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make a spectacle of (oneself)

To attract attention by foolish or conspicuous behavior. Katie made a spectacle of herself at the New Year's Eve party by confronting her ex-boyfriend in front of all the other guests. Darren's so clumsy that he tends to make a spectacle of himself everywhere he goes.
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make allowance(s)

 (for someone or something)
1. to allow time, space, food, etc., for someone or something. When planning the party, please make allowances for John and his family. I'm making allowance for ten extra guests.
2. to make excuses or explanations for someone or something; to take into consideration the negative effects of someone or something. You're very late even when we make allowance for the weather. We have to make allowance for the age of the house when we judge its condition.
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make a ˈspectacle of yourself

draw attention to yourself by behaving or dressing in a ridiculous way in public: He made a spectacle of himself by shouting at the barman.
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make allowance

/allowances for
1. To take into consideration when planning something.
2. To make excuses for or treat with leniency.
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Sadly, our wedding day was ruined by my younger sister who got very drunk and made a spectacle of herself, swearing at guests and throwing herself around the party.
SCREEN beauty Liv Tyler made a spectacle of herself when she took son Milo to the zoo in Los Angeles.
But that Lucy too often made a spectacle of herself, and it was up to Rosemary to keep her in line.
SEXY Myleene Klass made a spectacle of herself on the beach yesterday - in massive sunglasses.
BRAVE surfer Bethany Hamilton, whose left arm was ripped off by a shark, made a spectacle of herself yesterday as she tried to look on the bright side.
The former Big Brother contestant made a spectacle of herself, falling down a lap dancing pole, dancing with her mates and even doing a handstand...
But Emmerdale beauty Amy Nuttall might want to forget the night as she made a spectacle of herself. The actress had trouble finding her car as she left.
The former model-turned-TV presenter made a spectacle of herself on last year's I'm A Celebrity ...