make a note of (something)

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make a note of (something)

1. To write down something quickly, especially as a reminder. Jenny, make a note of this number and remind me to call it when we get home. A: "You really need to fix the way the app handles friend requests." B: "Thanks, I'll make a note of it for our next update."
2. To make a special effort to remember something in the future. I tried to make a note of the car's license plate number as it passed by. Please make a note of your nearest exits, which may be behind you.
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make a note of something

1. Lit. to write something down as a reminder. Please make a note of it so you will remember. I will make a note of it and try to remember where I put the note.
2. Fig. to make a mental note of something. You want to be considered for promotion. I'll make a note of it. Please make a note of it.
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make a note of

Write down so as to remember; also, remember. For example, I'll make a note of the fact that the tires are low. Shakespeare used this term in slightly different form in The Two Gentlemen of Verona (2:7): "Go with me to my chamber to take a note of what I stand in need."
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Rascal, eh?' Mr Squeers took out his pocketbook and made a note of it.