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*mad (at someone or something)

angry at someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; make someone ~.) Don't get mad at me. I didn't do it. I got mad at my car. It won't start.
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The smartphone comes pre-loaded with apps including Mad, M!Live, BBM and Hike for Instant Messaging, Spuul to watch free movies and much more.
As a recent addition to this impressively long list of publications, Mad Men, Mad World, released by Duke University Press in 2013, is a comprehensive reading of the rich world of the series with an eye to making sense of its success among individuals who have, in all likelihood, not experienced the world of the show firsthand.
The result was announced swiftly considering how close it looked, with Mad Jazz getting the better of it and taking the verdict, despite never hitting shorter than 1.03 in running.
There is also a little p y p display of Steampunk in the museum which is Victorian styled art and jewellery d j ll The MAD Museum offers something for everyone, not only does MAD excite the creativity in everyone, it brings out the inner scientist and engineer in all of us!
In the mid-'50s, however, it was clear Mad was Something New in terms of style, attitude, and content.
"Mad Men" follows (he lives of the men and women of Madison Avenue advertising firm Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.
"I have kids come to me at conventions saying, 'My grandfather grew up with your work,'" said Aragones, 74, whose recent features include "A MAD Look at Lady Gaga." ''Older people think the older MADs were funnier.
Jaffee still laughs at how a MAD writer, during a tour of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, shattered the hushed reverence by remarking that Michelangelo's painted ceiling was so priceless that God couldn't afford the rent.
Children were treated to a tour around the museum by Mad Hatter David Silk before trying their hand at some Alice in Wonderland-themed games.
The event has evolved out of the Mad Panda Tea Party which has been running at the centre for the past two years.
Best Known for Mad, Also Read By Chabad Youngsters [City Room] Related: Heeb Exclusive: Al Jaffee's Mad Life MAD Man [Tablet Magazine]
16 premiere of the third season of AMC"s award-winning television show, "Mad Men," the network is launching three viral marketing and social media applications sponsored by Eight O"Clock Coffee: "Mad Men Yourself," a new online avatar creator featuring artwork by New York-based illustrator and designer Dyna Moe; "Which MadMan Are You?," a quiz game that identifies which character consumers most resemble; and "Mad Men eCards" featuring the show"s most popular characters."These fun applications bring together a top-rated coffee and an award-winning series to help people discover new ways to connect," said Alisa Jacoby, senior brand manager for Montvale, N.J.-based Eight O"Clock Coffee.
A prosecutor demanded that alleged Wall Street fraudster Bernard Mad off be jailed until his trial, saying he broke his bail conditions by sending watches, jewellery, cufflinks and mittens worth more than EUR1 million (pounds 680,000) to relatives and friends.
Any collection strong in Chinese culture, art, and architecture will love MAD DINNER.