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n. a generic name for a man. (Also a term of address.) Look, Mac, you want to make some big money?


n. a pimp. (From mackerel, a form of which once had the meaning “broker.”) This gal’s mack was slapping her silly when the police came.

mack daddy

n. a man who is popular with the ladies. Sam is a real mack daddy. Sure knows how to treat the ladies.
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mack on someone

1. in. to make a sexual proposition to someone. You try to mack on anything that wears a skirt!
2. in. to make out with someone. Sam is in the back room macking on Mary.
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Mack Trucks today introduced its new, next-generation highway hero, the Mack Anthem.
The Mack Anthem gives drivers and businesses the tools they need to command the road.
CMI has had great success as a Volvo construction equipment dealer and really knows the vocational market," says John Thomas, Mack west region vice president.
Morrison, with more than 20 years of Alaska automotive and equipment experience, joined CMI in 2010 as the Mack Truck sales and product representative.
Attaining 100 Mack Certified Uptime Centers in a relatively short amount of time exemplifies how Mack dealerships are committed to going above and beyond to best meet the needs of customers, said Jonathan Randall, senior vice president of sales for Mack Trucks North America.
Mack Certified Uptime Centers feature uptime bays reserved specifically for trucks with service and repair tasks requiring less than four hours of work.
Mack Trucks also recently launched Mack Over The Air (OTA), enabling customers to update software without disrupting their schedules, increasing operational efficiency and uptime.
For more information about the Mack FXL axle or other Mack products, visit Mack booth No.
The book demonstrates through pictures the key role Mack products have played in the history of this century