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built like a Mack Truck

cliché Having an extremely large, muscular, and physically imposing physique. Refers to American truck-manufacturing company Mack Trucks, Inc. Primarily heard in US. Man, you're built like a Mack Truck! You'd be a great addition to the football team as a linebacker! Did you see that bouncer? He's built like a Mack Truck—there's no way we're getting past him!
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1. noun, slang Someone who procures customers for a prostitute; a pimp. You try to leave without paying, and my mack will hunt you down and cut you up. The girls banded together and beat the mack to within an inch of his life, leaving him bleeding on the doorstep of the police station with four ounces of cocaine in his jacket.
2. noun, slang One's ability to seduce or sexually proposition someone. Used especially in the phrase "get (one's) mack on." I was trying to get my mack on with Samantha when you came over talking about video games and junk! The other girls and I all got ready in our hotel room, each of us looking to find some hot guys and get our mack on.
3. verb, slang To attempt to seduce or sexually proposition someone. Typically followed by "on (someone)." Look at John trying to mack on those girls at the bar—he's at least twice their age! I asked Jeff if he wants to come play soccer with us, but all he wants to do is go mack on girls at the mall.

mack daddy

slang A man who is skilled at seducing or alluring sexual partners; a man who has sex frequently with different partners. He thinks he's a mack daddy cause he slept around a little in college.
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mack on (one)

slang To attempt to seduce or sexually proposition one. Look at John trying to mack on that woman at the bar—he's at least twice her age! I asked Jeff if he wants to come play soccer with us, but all he wants to do is go mack on girls at the mall.
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mack out

slang To improve the performance or appearance of something by customizing it with new components or decorations. A noun or pronoun can be used between "mack" and "out." I bought a car for less than $2,000, then macked it out with speakers, new tires, and a sick paint job. The company urges people to bring in their old, beat-up computers and let their team of engineers mack out the old machines, rather than throw them away and buy brand new ones.
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n. a generic name for a man. (Also a term of address.) Look, Mac, you want to make some big money?


n. a pimp. (From mackerel, a form of which once had the meaning “broker.”) This gal’s mack was slapping her silly when the police came.

mack daddy

n. a man who is popular with the ladies. Sam is a real mack daddy. Sure knows how to treat the ladies.
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mack on someone

1. in. to make a sexual proposition to someone. You try to mack on anything that wears a skirt!
2. in. to make out with someone. Sam is in the back room macking on Mary.
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Initial emphasis for CMI will be on the vocational line of Macks. Primarily the Mack Granite and the TerraPro Cabover.
Russell Poole, a former Los Angeles police detective who initially investigated the murder, said plenty of evidence pointed to Mack.
"One has to bear in mind the age of Mack and the fact that this was an isolated incident.
When arrested, Mr Mack told police his wife had lunged at him with a knife and he had stabbed her to save himself.
Mack's new priorities include saving for college for her son, Briston, and funding her retirement.
is working with August Mack's engineering staff to design and construct a storm water management system for the facility.
87) Mack continues his argument in "Moses Mendelssohn's other Enlightenment" with a discussion of Abraham Geiger and Heinrich Heine, nicely showing their parallel attempts to subvert Christian self-aggrandizement.
Mack: It was interesting that, at a recent national Seniors Commission hearing in San Diego, one member of the commission, a top person in assisted living, kept referring to aging in place--but, in this case, his place.
So far, this keen runner from Illinois has made few public pronouncements, preferring to focus on stemming an exodus of senior bankers in the wake of Mack's departure and streamlining the firm's internal structure.
McCollum also said there will be no change in management or staff at Mack's, and that he will remain president.
Callous Stephen Mack then offered to help the victim's wife look for her husband hours later.
The court earlier heard the victim drove his Mercedes to visit his pal Stephen Mack last October 29 - the night of the attack.
The New Jersey-based REIT pulled four members from its board last week, including David Mack, the brother of company chairman, Bill Mack.
Almost a year after being arrested in connection to NXIVM, a sex cult-like organization based in Upstate New York, actress Allison Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering charges on Monday.