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wax lyrical

To speak about something enthusiastically, especially by employing elegant language; to rhapsodize. It was a nice feeling when Dana waxed lyrical about the dinner I made, describing it as "sublimely scrumptious." If you're going to be a salesman, you're going to have to learn how to wax lyrical about the most mundane products to make them sound like must-haves.
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wax lyrical about something

If you wax lyrical about a subject, you talk about it in an enthusiastic way. He waxed lyrical about the skills and commitment of his employees.
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wax lyrical about (or over)

talk in an effusive or enthusiastic way about something.
Wax (from Old English weaxan ) was used to mean ‘increase in size’ right through until early modern English, but since then it has been superseded in all general contexts by grow . It now survives only in certain expressions, especially with reference to the moon's monthly increase and decrease (waxing and waning ).
1998 New Scientist Even as they wax lyrical about the perils of a changing climate, Clinton and Gore are presiding over the most massive expansion of oil exploration and drilling since…the Trans-Alaska Pipeline twenty years ago.
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wax ˈlyrical (about something)

(written) talk or write about something with enthusiasm: He began to wax lyrical about the new car he would buy with his earnings.
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Fox Valley Lyrical Productions (formerly Soiree Lyrique) will hold a benefit event at 10 a.m.
Millie Flemming won the under-six lyrical solo section, plus the freestyle and hip-hop duo with Niamh Russell.
Esprit De Lumiere improved significantly for the longer distance, and the manner in which he kept on when ultimately denied just a neck by Lyrical Attraction would suggest this mile and a half would suit him well.
Our understanding of the American novel is poorer for our adherence to narrative theory, or so Katie Owens-Murphy argues in Lyrical Strategies: The Poetics of the Twentieth-Century American Novel.
New Delhi [India] Aug 16( ANI ): Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu unveiled a new lyrical video from her upcoming movie 'Manmarziyaan' and it is all about how true love is a tough act to follow.
When JoyNews' MzGee asked if Edem subscribes to the argument that lyrical beef is an attribute of Hip-hop, he said, 'The people who have mislead us over the years have stopped.
Borrowing Phelan's conception about narrative progression, this paper proposes that there exists a lyrical progression in poetry.
The exquisite lyrical cogency becomes even more delectable when David brings down the tempo, as he does in the wistful ballad, 'Maybe I Can't': 'If you come back to me again/ I'll make the blue sky rain/ I'll make it snow in mid-July/ Make the midnight shine/ I'll slap the cuffs on the hands of time/ Well, maybe I can't, but I'll try').
Portmeirion Group acquired Lighthouse Holdings, one of the U.K.'s largest home fragrance manufacturers, in the spring and launched the Wax Lyrical Home Fragrance Collection at the New York Table-top Show in September.
The effect of this piece is gentle and lyrical. Playing a smooth, beautiful phrase is one of the most basic skills for a brass player or any musician, and this aspect of music can sometimes be neglected in the world of contest solos.
Eva-Rose, a pupil at G&L Dance Academy in Dundonald, East Belfast, won the Under-12s category with her lyrical dance, before being picked out from all the competitors to win the overall prize.
Tenor Wiliford shows off his lovely, lyrical style throughout and creates a hauntingly beautiful white tone in "Apple Song" on the ethereal words "stiff with dreaming of that other world" and again in "Small Song on Being Lost," appropriately on the word "lonely." Woodley, for her part, turns in a powerful rendition of "Small Song" and an ecstatic reading of the miniature, "Small Song: Height of Summer".
In this book, author Dana Amir presents readers with an in-depth investigation of the lyrical dimension of the psychic space.