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1996) found that the content of lying behavior can fall into five categories: cognition, achievement, action/plan/whereabouts, explanation, and fact/property.
Lying is characteristic of mental disorders such as antisocial personality disorder, conduct disorder, narcissitic personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder.
Abdul Shakoor has been transferred from Thano Bola Khan to Karachi (South) on promotion as Senior Civil Judge against the post lying vacant.
There is no way to spot lying from how people behave.
This is another aspect of lying with which it is hard to disagree.
Participants who had already admitted to lying more frequently also had higher winnings in this dice test, indicating that participants, who said they lie often, did indeed lie often.
For example, just as personal instances of lying including white lies of little or no consequence, such as compliments to a host despite a poorly cooked meal, may be excused, so too lies told to other states for the wider public interest are often easily forgiven by the public, such as the lie told by President Jimmy Carter in 1980 when he denied that plans were underway for the use of military intervention to free American hostages held in Tehran.
A very serious type of lying may present when a parent informs you their child tells lies all the time.
Someone suspected of lying would have to carry a red-hot iron bar for nine paces.
2 : to be spread flat so as to cover <There was snow lying on the fields.
Research from Friends Provident found more Britons are reaching for their mobile phone or laptop to avoid lying to someone face-to-face.
The writer wrote: ``Knowing how our ex-president lied about everything, I realized that he must be lying about the advantages in voting for Proposition 87.
To clarify: The verb TO LIE includes lie, lying, lay, have lain.
At the same time, he punctuates his story with insistent references to lies, liars, and lying, culminating in his final words: "And, naturally, I'm still telling lies.