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Now she recalled, with an aching tightness about her heart, how delicious had been her relaxation, when, the dinner dishes washed, the table reset and the kitchen in scrupulous order with the last fly vanquished, she and Nellie had luxuriated in that exquisite sense of leisure that only women know who have passed triumphantly through a heavy morning's work and have everything ready for the evening.
If a fellow didn't keep his eyes open he'd go plumb into it." He luxuriated in the sense of protection and authority which his words conveyed.
They wept over it as they sang it, the graceless young scamps who had all broken their mothers' prides, and I sang with them, and wept with them, and luxuriated in the pathos and the tragedy of it, and struggled to make glimmering inebriated generalisations on life and romance.
For several minutes I saw no more of her as she luxuriated in the cool depths.
Addressing assembled dignitaries in front of the building where workers were poised to replace a Republic of Macedonia sign removed earlier in the week with the state's new name, prime minister Zoran Zaev luxuriated in the moment, saying a "historic goal" had been achieved.
Watching how he luxuriated in the joy of the choreography, it was the first time I truly realized how dance could transcend virtuosity.
Prosecutor Peter Wright QC said 7ft 3in Gary Stretch, 48, had been "content" when Dennehy had kissed him and "luxuriated in notoriety" after helping her.
And we bathed and luxuriated in the swelling twilight funk, like we were stretched from here to anythere.
But he also illuminates the growing importance of literacy, education and print culture and the emergence of a romanticism which illustrated the "schizophrenia of capitalist transformation," as "[a] people competing fiercely to level a wilderness luxuriated in a literature of nature and love" (p.