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luxuriate in (something)

1. To revel in the sensual pleasure of being surrounded or enfolded in some luxurious material or substance. We stayed in bed till nearly 11 in the morning, just luxuriating in the silk sheets and the soft, downy pillows. Guests will be treated to a Swedish or deep-tissue massage before luxuriating in one of our world-famous mud baths.
2. To revel in the sensual pleasure of being in some luxurious place or state of being. We got used to luxuriating in four-star resorts when we were making lots of money. Now the only places we can afford are cheap motels. Guests will be treated to a Swedish or deep-tissue massage before luxuriating in one of our world-famous mud baths.
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luxuriate in something

to indulge oneself in something; to enjoy the luxury of something. She stood in front of the mirror, luxuriating in her lovely new coat. They were all luxuriating in the warm, bubbling waters of the hot tub.
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Although it sits firmly within the conventions of its genre it creates a detailed and convincing world for its readers who will luxuriate in 625 pages of gothic escapism.
Study the conditions under which the wildflowers are prospering to better understand the garden sites where their cultivated cousins will luxuriate.
what prize what enterprise & did the holy fathers luxuriate in
The truth of the matter is few of us will ever be able to luxuriate in the vast gun collection of our dreams.
Especially recommended as the perfect gift to anyone who loves to luxuriate in the sweet style of singing similar to that of "Casablanca" and other famous motion pictures.
With commercial films there is so much money invested that you can really luxuriate over the process.
Before every treatment, guests luxuriate in a signature tea bath.
Luxuriate in Hyatt Regency Waikiki's oversized guests rooms with balconies offering spectacular views.
Or luxuriate in a traditional Hawaiian ahaaina (feast) at the ROYAL LUAU AT THE RADISSON KAUAI BEACH RESORT (Tuesday, September 13, Radisson Kauai Beach Resort), sampling such Hawaiian delicacies as pork laulau (pork wrapped in taro leaves, steamed in an imu, a hot-stone lined underground oven), lomilomi salmon (a salsa of cured salmon mixed with onions and tomatoes), haupia (coconut pudding), and the traditional island staple, poi (ground taro mixed with water).
They luxuriate in regret--as if, by living a few extra years, the Imam might have enabled them to negotiate the morass of their own lives.
The essence of Literature, though, is that the reader is presumed to have ample time to savour fine words and phrases; he or she no longer must figuratively rush to catch a train--but, having caught it, may now luxuriate in the parlour car, happily entertained by a really good book.
Now the world can luxuriate in real fur rugs, guilt-free.
Hunt possesses a poet's eye for the evocative image, and it's tempting to luxuriate in his descriptive prose.
Everyone else can simply luxuriate in the complex highlife rhythms, gravelly low harmonies, and quiet lyrical maturity of "I Saw a Bird Fly Away," or in the heartbreakingly sweet declarations of romantic devotion on "The One Who Knows," or in the sturdy rock 'n' roll of "Your Fire Your Soul.
Dragon lovers will luxuriate in the imaginative and fully developed lore.