Yes, definitely. A more emphatic way to say "absolutely." Will I be at your birthday party? Abso-bloody-lutely!


rude slang Yes, definitely. A more emphatic way to say "absolutely." Will I be at your birthday party? Abso-fucking-lutely!


mod. absolutely; emphatically. We are abso-bloody-lutely sick to death of your wishy-washy attitude.
References in classic literature ?
Grotesque and foolish as this will seem to the sober reader, it is abso- lutely true, and what is more remarkable, I found the card game and several others we played extremely interesting.
She was mine, more abso- lutely mine for possession and care than anything in the world; an object of responsibility and de- votion.
Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu said officials were "abso lutely waiting" for any mili tants who tried to return.
o fields Clares rival in the outn the shape of s in the opening lutely FLYING at fully nothing r him in the e Th ill b h H ll d There will be three Hollandrunners in that heat, with Clona Kid and Drive On Tipp occupying the two inside boxes.
Ben Staerck, managing director of Handbag Clinic, added: "We're abso lutely delighted to have opened in Qatar.
By now, it should be no mystery to anybody that people abso- lutely hate ads.
I still feel we need a couple more wins to be abso lutely sure but the players are definitely now look-lutely looking at the table and saying 'can we finish in the top 10?
Not long after, Heidecker and Wareheim decided to form Abso Lutely in order to maintain artistic control over their comic vision.
e numbers were "e numbers were crazy - really, abso crazy - really, absolutely crazy," he lutely crazy," he said.
The permits were billed to Abso Lutely Productions, which has produced Fielder's show.
Then one day you actually find your keys, and it s an abso- lutely crazy feeling because that key the Higgs boson was predicted by the mathematics, but now you know that it really does exist,' says Vickey, describing the discovery of the Higgs boson particle, which was announced by ATLAS on 4 July 2012.
The engine is absoA[degrees] lutely perfect and propels you to obscenely high speeds at the mere light touch of the accelerator pedal.
Nate believed that the creators of Cult and the characters on the show were after him, which Jeff considered absoli lutely pre posterous .
At the heart of Penso's strat- egy are statistician and scientist Andrew Ehrenberg's "abso- lutely rock solid marketinglaws of growth".
Seven points of nine is a great start and so obviously I am abso lutely delighted," said the manager.
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