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lust for life

Intense eagerness to experience all that life has to offer. I don't mind growing old, but I sometimes miss that boundless lust for life I had when I was younger. My 80-year-old grandfather has a lust for life that continues to amaze us all!
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lust for power

Intense, insatiable desire to attain power and control. My brother's lust for power in our company has created some deep and bitter divisions between him and the rest of the family.
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flame with anger

 and flame with resentment; flame with lust; flame with vengeance
Fig. [for someone's eyes] to "blaze" or seem to communicate a particular quality or excitement, usually a negative feeling. His eyes flamed with resentment when he heard Sally's good news. Her eyes flamed with hatred.
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lust after someone

 and lust for someone
to desire someone sexually. You could see that Sam was lusting after Sally. Roger claims that he does not lust for anyone.
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lust for something

Fig. to desire something. He says he lusts for a nice cold can of beer. Mary lusts for rich and fattening ice cream.
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lust after

1. To desire someone sexually: My college roommate lusts after the resident assistant.
2. To have an overwhelming desire or craving for something: I lust after chocolate, and I'm always snacking on fudge.
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