lust for

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lust for something

Fig. to desire something. He says he lusts for a nice cold can of beer. Mary lusts for rich and fattening ice cream.
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References in classic literature ?
Never did I witness such a malign lust for blood as these demons of the outer air evinced in their mad battle with the therns.
It is as though they but utilized the race as playthings, with which they satisfy their ferocious lust for fighting; and from whom they collect toll in arms and ammunition and in prisoners.
The lust for power in the mere gambling and winning was metamorphosing into the lust for power in order to revenge.
We are sure to expose the lust for power that Mamata Banerjee has in her.
The album debuts 13 songs, five of them were released which are; Lust for Life, Love, Coachella, Cherry and Summer Bummer.
The only reason we aren't all fat and stupid and lazy is because being fat and stupid and lazy leaves you vulnerable to being the object of someone else's lust for sex and violence.
The combination of her lust for soju and her independence from bachelorette life both work against Jack's insecurities, and his longing for her to be a "family" woman.
To me, one thing alone is clear My lust for you endures my dear
PPP believes in rule of law and it has no lust for power, he said.
In an unplaced marginal note in Unfinished Tales, Tolkien notes that Saruman's integrity has "been undermined by purely personal pride and lust for the domination of his own will.
The design named after his hit song Lust for Life was runner up in the Best Chic Garden category.
The garden, Lust for Life, has been named after the star's famous single.
A lust for power can keep someone motivated to achieve when all the odds stand against him (or her) and when the back stabbers are out in force.
Charity chiefs have come up with a plot inspired by Iggy's Lust For Life hit.
That agreement would concede that the left created the pretext for the new federal powers and that every federal initiative and program the left now opposes grew out of its lust for centralized power.