lust after (someone or something)

lust after (someone or something)

1. To have a strong sexual desire for someone. Sarah's been lusting after our waiter all night, so I wrote her number on a napkin and told him to call her when he finishes work.
2. To have an intense craving or obsessive desire for something. After two years of weight training and cardio, I've finally got the muscular body I've been lusting after. If you lust after riches, you will become a servant to your own greed. A good advertising agency doesn't cater to what customers lust after—it decides what that is.
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lust after someone

 and lust for someone
to desire someone sexually. You could see that Sam was lusting after Sally. Roger claims that he does not lust for anyone.
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lust after

1. To desire someone sexually: My college roommate lusts after the resident assistant.
2. To have an overwhelming desire or craving for something: I lust after chocolate, and I'm always snacking on fudge.
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