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the dreaded lurgy

A contagious but non-serious illness. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I've gone and caught the dreaded lurgy again, probably from one of the kids.
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the ˌdreaded ˈlurgy

(British English, informal, humorous) an illness that is easy to catch but not serious, for example a cold: Ann’s not coming out tonight — she’s got the dreaded lurgy so she’s at home in bed.
See also: dreaded, lurgy
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The lacklustre draw with rock-bottom Blackpool was a d ment that wa mitigated by th ers' subseque night win over And in the of that game was put on me with five play down with th lurgy before t of a resurgen
"Jimmy's got the lurgy and hasn't been very well so it's great by him to get off the bed and bowl like that for his nine overs.
The new album sees Fish back with a vengeance even though he is battling "aeroplane lurgy" after a 22-hour flight to Canada and a concert in Mexico.
With a lurgy in the ranks, not all of the vocal performances hit the high notes and the gag count might be a higher, but an ace stick-thumping ensemble dance was just what Michael Barrymore did at his peak.
I am writing this column from the comfort of my home office (you may know it as the box room) while sniffling and a-shivering with absolutely no inquiries as to my well-being from my other half or even colleagues when I struggle to get into work with this lurgy.
In what were known as the 'sleepless years' we were so run down that at least one of us, if not all, succumbed to some form of lurgy just in time for the big day.
Lurgy from Germany has been named the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor for the project.
8 In our Life Coach blog Manjit Ubhi has some fine advice on how to beat the dreaded lurgy!
WARWICKSHIRE'S Robert Curtis is hoping Doctor Who actor David Tennant keeps the sniffles and lurgy at bay over the winter.
I don't know the reason for it, but there definitely seems to be a lot of 'the lurgy' going about at the moment.
Love Smoothies, the British premium fresh smoothie and functional food company, has embarked on a mission to help Britons fight the winter lurgy.
After shaking off the lurgy I headed south to Pisco, from there taking a boat to Ballestas Island, known as the poor man's Galapagos.
The Dreaded Lurgy THE Lurgy doesn't fight clean, It's an insidious human debilitating machine, It creeps up on you when you least expect, Leaving in its wake a devastating effect.
Keep the lurgy at bay by boosting good gut microbes.