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( oneself ) aside [for someone] to move aside. I drew myself aside so the children could pass. He drew himself aside so Maggie could pass.

draw someone (or an animal)

out of something and draw someone or an animal out to lure someone or an animal out of something or some place. I thought the smell of breakfast would draw him out of his slumber. The catnip drew out the cat from under the front porch.


( someone or something ) from something to sketch (someone or something) from a particular source, such as memory, real life, a photograph, etc. He is a very good artist. He can draw from a photograph or a painting. I will try to draw him from memory.

lure someone or something away (from someone or something)

to entice or draw someone away from someone or something. Do you think we could lure her away from her present employment? They were not able to lure away many of the employees of the other companies.
See also: away, lure

lure someone or something in to something

 and lure someone or something in
to entice someone or something into something or a place. The thief tried to lure the tourist into an alley to rob him. Using an old trick, the thief lured in the tourist.
See also: lure


/get a bead on
To take careful aim at.


/haul/pull in (one's) horns Informal
1. To restrain oneself; draw back.
2. To retreat from a previously taken position, view, or stance.
3. To economize.
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Torula yeast or hydrolyzed proteins are the most commonly used lures to monitor populations of A.
operation had two people in the office--and they got orders for three million of the lures as a result of the story
As a premier sponsor, Lockett Lure Outlet is host to the Lockett Lures Outlet Product Showcase page, a micro-landing page featuring a gallery showcasing the companies leading products, catches made by Lockett Lure Outlet customers and some of the prettiest anglers around.
Traps were checked once a week from mid-May to mid-June, and lures were replaced every other week.
He heads up R2 Innovations, LLC, which has patented new Actiglo fishing lures (actiglolures.
Most people probably see no connection between Rapala Lures and Marilyn Monroe.
I will not receive a thousand lures at my house for plugging their product in this column.
He acquired a dozen lures attached to a card under the heading: "Quabbin Lures.
Although it's rare to catch carp on lures, it's by no means impossible, especially at this time of year when the fish start to take fry.
Any collector interested in antique fishing lures and the history of fishing lure production will find all the answers in Fishing Lure Collectibles, a clear guide to a notoriously difficult collecting hobby focus.
Fishing Lure Collectibles: An Encyclopedia Of The Modern Era, 1940 To Present by Dudley and Deanie Murphy is an in-depth illustrated compendium showcasing the great variety of fishing lures which have been developed from 1940 to the present time.
He has announced that the lures will be used in a "battle of the brands" fishing competition.
Surf fishermen who want a basic primer on baits, rigs and lures will find this an excellent compilation of over fifty years of caster/author Milt Rosko's experiences.
On the walls and in display cases, vast arrays of fishing lures dominate the exhibits.
The Upper Owens River above Benton Crossing Bridge to Highway 395 has a season-long, two-fish-per-day-over-16-inches limit on barbless artificial lures and flies only (no bait).