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lure (someone or something) away

To attract or entice someone or something away (from someone, something, or some action). He thought he could lure my girlfriend away by showing up in his expensive car and flashing his money around. The promise of a big salary isn't going to lure me away from a job I love. The company has been trying to lure away investors from its rival.
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lure (someone or something) in(to something or some place)

To attract or entice someone or something into some thing, place, or situation. We've got the trap set up, but we need some kind of bait to lure the rabbits in. The promise of a big salary isn't going to lure me into a job as a corporate slave. The company is being accused of luring would-be investors into a Ponzi scheme.
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( oneself ) aside [for someone] to move aside. I drew myself aside so the children could pass. He drew himself aside so Maggie could pass.

draw someone (or an animal)

out of something and draw someone or an animal out to lure someone or an animal out of something or some place. I thought the smell of breakfast would draw him out of his slumber. The catnip drew out the cat from under the front porch.


( someone or something ) from something to sketch (someone or something) from a particular source, such as memory, real life, a photograph, etc. He is a very good artist. He can draw from a photograph or a painting. I will try to draw him from memory.

lure someone or something away (from someone or something)

to entice or draw someone away from someone or something. Do you think we could lure her away from her present employment? They were not able to lure away many of the employees of the other companies.
See also: away, lure

lure someone or something in to something

 and lure someone or something in
to entice someone or something into something or a place. The thief tried to lure the tourist into an alley to rob him. Using an old trick, the thief lured in the tourist.
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/get a bead on
To take careful aim at.


/haul/pull in (one's) horns Informal
1. To restrain oneself; draw back.
2. To retreat from a previously taken position, view, or stance.
3. To economize.
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There were significant differences among lure categories in the number of males captured during the first 3 lure periods between lure changes, but not for the final set of lures examined (Fig.
Lures with a single joint exhibit more gliding action.
If this fails and you have to use a lure knocker, make sure to return to the same angle as the initial snag.
The first surface lures I used for tiger were typical bass lures like the Zara Spook, Rapala X-Rap Walk, Rebel Pop'R, Storm Chug Bug and Rapala Skitter Pop, all in the medium to larger sizes.
When you prospect, find a lure that works and don't change the lure until it stops working.
Lockett Lures Outlet offers white labeled products allowing dealers to put their own label on the product if they wish and is a large supporter of various fishing programs supporting troubled youth.
If you paint one side of the lure with high-quality gloss paint, it will produce contrasting colors when the lure rotates in me water.
Often standing on a ladder, to afford a good view of the entire course, the lure operator moves the line with the lure into place ahead of the start line.
If you try 3 to 4 lures and don't get a follow, either the area's void of trout or they are "belly to the bottom" and not chasing.
The card was in an otherwise unmarked manila envelope that was among several tackle boxes full of old lures that Carter acquired from a Georgia antique dealer.
Rapala VMC, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, manufactures lures and other fishing gear in Finland, France, Ireland, Estonia and China.
Any collector interested in antique fishing lures and the history of fishing lure production will find all the answers in Fishing Lure Collectibles, a clear guide to a notoriously difficult collecting hobby focus.
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