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lure (someone or something) away

To attract or entice someone or something away (from someone, something, or some action). He thought he could lure my girlfriend away by showing up in his expensive car and flashing his money around. The promise of a big salary isn't going to lure me away from a job I love. The company has been trying to lure away investors from its rival.
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lure (someone or something) in(to something or some place)

To attract or entice someone or something into some thing, place, or situation. We've got the trap set up, but we need some kind of bait to lure the rabbits in. The promise of a big salary isn't going to lure me into a job as a corporate slave. The company is being accused of luring would-be investors into a Ponzi scheme.
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( oneself ) aside [for someone] to move aside. I drew myself aside so the children could pass. He drew himself aside so Maggie could pass.

draw someone (or an animal)

out of something and draw someone or an animal out to lure someone or an animal out of something or some place. I thought the smell of breakfast would draw him out of his slumber. The catnip drew out the cat from under the front porch.


( someone or something ) from something to sketch (someone or something) from a particular source, such as memory, real life, a photograph, etc. He is a very good artist. He can draw from a photograph or a painting. I will try to draw him from memory.

lure someone or something away (from someone or something)

to entice or draw someone away from someone or something. Do you think we could lure her away from her present employment? They were not able to lure away many of the employees of the other companies.
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lure someone or something in to something

 and lure someone or something in
to entice someone or something into something or a place. The thief tried to lure the tourist into an alley to rob him. Using an old trick, the thief lured in the tourist.
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/get a bead on
To take careful aim at.


/haul/pull in (one's) horns Informal
1. To restrain oneself; draw back.
2. To retreat from a previously taken position, view, or stance.
3. To economize.
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When casting out, I try to follow the lure's flight with the rod tip then slowing and stopping the lure's flight before splashdown to keep the braid tight.
6 Fade the lure. Some dogs won't begin to offer the behavior so easily, which means you will need to "fade" the lure.
Although results of these investigations were not widely circulated or publicized, lure companies began to offer more lures that produced dominant lower-frequency sounds by using a few larger BBs or metal slugs instead of, or in addition to, many small ones.
Quite often in dirty water conditions, a scented soft lure cast near structure or on the edge of a current flow and allowed to sink to the bottom will attract fish and draw strikes.
In 1940, he and two or three employees began making fishing lures, using his garage as a workshop to craft the bodies and his basement as a paint shop and assembly room.
Impact of trap design and density on effectiveness of a commercial pheromone lure for monitoring navel orangeworm (Lepidop-tera: Pyralidae).
Combining the killer cuts from the Heartbreakers including the riotous Born To Lose and the degenerate duo of Chinese Rocks and Too Much Junkie Business along with The Waldo's own Cry Baby, Lure's set was short but packed a mighty punch.
Imagine, the lure drifts down through the branches finding its own path while the angler free spools line.
Like the fishing lure manufacturer, it makes them money, but it may not actually catch fish.
Marlborough, MA, July 31, 2013 --( Lockett Lures Outlet, one of the leading providers of American made fishing tackle, has become the newest sponsor to join EZ Angler (, the fastest growing freshwater E-zine on the internet.
They initially discounted the number of milkweed stem weevils being lured into the traps as irrelevant, but by the second week, it became obvious that more milkweed stem weevils were being captured than boll weevils and that the milkweed weevils were increasingly attracted to the experimental lure. The results showed that while the boll weevils were no more attracted to the experimental lures than to the standard lures, the milkweed weevils were more attracted.
Anglers, take note: Those fishing lures that look so colorful in the package on the store shelf have little or no appeal to fish in deep or cloudy water.
For each lure, slip a split ring through all four holes.
If I had to pick one lure that outfishes them all, it would have to be a 1/4-ounce, gold Cleo.