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(used before a noun) Having an extremely or inordinately loud or strong voice, as of someone with very robust lungs. Despite her petite frame, the leather-lunged lead singer was able to shake the audience with her soulful outpourings.

lunge at someone or something

to jump or dive at someone or something. The dog lunged at the man, but he got out of the way without getting bitten. The dog lunged at the bicycle.
See also: lunge

lunge for someone or something

to charge or jump at someone or something; to attack someone or something. The mugger lunged for her, but she dodged him. Ted lunged for the door, but Bill beat him to it.
See also: lunge
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A programme of stretching and lunging can be tailored to the individual and weights can be used to make each exercise more strenuous.
Four white canvases lunging in a row tracked the progression, from left to right, of an acrobat walking a tightrope.
Common faults are: flexing the knee too far forward; lunging too deep or not deep enough; and holding the bar with the hands too close together.
Chimel clearly was aimed at protecting officers from the arrestee, but the decision did not address what authority, if any, police have to search beyond the arrestee's lunging distance if they fear an attack from someone other than their subject.
Terry caught the Everton player high and late with a lunging tackle in the 35th minute, but it did not look malicious.
For example, in one Horton exercise, the dancer goes from standing to sitting to lunging to standing, as the spine twists and untwists, the legs straighten and bend, and the pelvis tips forward and back and around.
She told police the man tapped her on the shoulder and grabbed her, before lunging at her.
The concentration required to outmaneuver a probing, thrusting rapier, and the physical stamina required to endure a half-hour of lunging and side-stepping in a thick suit, makes it impossible to think about anything else.
Another common cause of head movement is overstriding or lunging.