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(used before a noun) Having an extremely or inordinately loud or strong voice, as of someone with very robust lungs. Despite her petite frame, the leather-lunged lead singer was able to shake the audience with her soulful outpourings.

lunge at (someone or something)

To leap toward someone or something, especially with the intent of grabbing, attacking, or striking them or it. The criminal lunged at the police officer with a knife, but the cop was able to subdue him without difficulty. The lion lunged at the gazelle, burying its claws and teeth into the animal's hindquarters.
See also: lunge

lunge for (someone or something)

To leap forward to grab, attack, or strike someone or something. The criminal lunged for the police officer with a knife, but the cop was able to subdue him without difficulty. The lion lunged for the gazelle, burying its claws and teeth into the animal's hindquarters. I was expecting a call from a girl I liked, so I lunged for the phone the moment it rang so no one else would answer it.
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lunge at someone or something

to jump or dive at someone or something. The dog lunged at the man, but he got out of the way without getting bitten. The dog lunged at the bicycle.
See also: lunge

lunge for someone or something

to charge or jump at someone or something; to attack someone or something. The mugger lunged for her, but she dodged him. Ted lunged for the door, but Bill beat him to it.
See also: for, lunge
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The Junior 2* Squad competition was won by the Scottish Equestrian VaultingTeam which comprised of Kyra, Mhairi, Sally, Codi, Jennifer and Peyton Edgar.The squad vaulted on Tylers Kernel once again lunged by Clare Henderson.
A police source said: "He just lunged at the officers and they had to restrain him before somebody was killed.
Ms Lewis said, ``The defendant lunged across other people who were in the vicinity and then struck him a blow to his eye, a blow that Mr King described as a gouging motion with his finger and thumb.''
Pacquiao again lunged forward but Thurman responded with a quick combination that put the Filipino to the ropes.
"After those words were spoken, the accused approached the complainer and lunged at him," said Ms McVicar.
WCV finished second place with Eilidh Bennett, Rhona Swan, Michaela Hogg, Katie Cowan, Karly Leeson and Emily Bastow, vaulting on W.H.Bentley lunged by Clare Henderson.
Steven Noon, 34, lunged over the counter at two members of staff working in the shop, and tried to grab the clothing of Christopher Wilson, one of the employees.
"Scooby was making a cup of tea when suddenly the chairman lunged at him and started wrestling with him.
A DRUNK man lunged at a police officer after getting involved in a row that didn't involve him.
A CLUB doorman feared for his life when a man he had confronted later returned with a knife and lunged at him.
A KNIFE-WEILDING thug who lunged at a shopkeeper in an attempted robbery left empty-handed after the victim activated a panic button.
But before walking out, he lunged across and struck the startled woman twice in the face.
A WOMAN lunged at her former Midland neighbour with a four inch knife after he ended their close relationship and then failed to invite her to a party at his home.
THE woman who broke security and lunged for Geordie beauty Cheryl Cole has been branded as "completely obsessed" with the star.
A CUSTOMER with mental health problems and armed with a piece of cutlery lunged at another diner in a city restaurant.