lunge at

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lunge at someone or something

to jump or dive at someone or something. The dog lunged at the man, but he got out of the way without getting bitten. The dog lunged at the bicycle.
See also: lunge
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Mr Brocklehurst said: "I was about to leave, which is company protocol if you get any hassle, when he seemed to lunge at me.
They also lunge at each other, striking the top of an opponent's body with their legs.
With Arsenal's Ashley Cole dismissed for a two-footed lunge at Leicester, there were fears the Football Association would punish the inspirational Reds captain.
Garda Sheehan also claimed he saw Byrne lunge at Sgt John O'Sullivan when he told him to get back into his seat in the directors' box.
When his drunken father makes a threatening lunge at him one day.
In woodland-surveillance videos, scientists have watched chipmunks, gray squirrels, and a thrush lunge at and hop over the vipers.