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(used before a noun) Having an extremely or inordinately loud or strong voice, as of someone with very robust lungs. Despite her petite frame, the leather-lunged lead singer was able to shake the audience with her soulful outpourings.

lunge at (someone or something)

To leap toward someone or something, especially with the intent of grabbing, attacking, or striking them or it. The criminal lunged at the police officer with a knife, but the cop was able to subdue him without difficulty. The lion lunged at the gazelle, burying its claws and teeth into the animal's hindquarters.
See also: lunge

lunge for (someone or something)

To leap forward to grab, attack, or strike someone or something. The criminal lunged for the police officer with a knife, but the cop was able to subdue him without difficulty. The lion lunged for the gazelle, burying its claws and teeth into the animal's hindquarters. I was expecting a call from a girl I liked, so I lunged for the phone the moment it rang so no one else would answer it.
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lunge at someone or something

to jump or dive at someone or something. The dog lunged at the man, but he got out of the way without getting bitten. The dog lunged at the bicycle.
See also: lunge

lunge for someone or something

to charge or jump at someone or something; to attack someone or something. The mugger lunged for her, but she dodged him. Ted lunged for the door, but Bill beat him to it.
See also: for, lunge
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In case you're following the chart, there's also an exercise called "Static Lunges".
Sidwell's tackle on Traore - a long sliding lunge while the Frenchman was at full pace, drew widespread condemnation, and the former Chelsea man can have no complaints.
The scientists also found that the same nerves that go into sensory organ are also hooked up to two rows of hairs protruding from the whale's chin, which may indicate that the sensory organ has other uses besides lunge feeding, according to Pyenson.
Lunge twist: Concentrate on the perfect lunge and always twist to the side of the front leg.
With Potvin on the team, they were able to calculate that the whales used between 3226 kJ of energy during each lunge. Then he calculated that the whales could consume anything from 34,776kJ up to an unprecedented 1,912,680kJ from a single mouthful of krill, providing as much as 240 times more energy as the animals used in a single lunge.
Lunge - A great exercise to improve leg strength as well as functional ability is the simple static lunge.
McEveley was fortunate not to be sent off for a late lunge on Joe Allen in the 54th minute but received his marching orders for a second yellow 10 minutes later when he dragged down Dyer on the right.
Didier Zokora missing the man with this terrible lunge makes it all right, does it?
From a standing position with the ball or plate close to the chest, quickly lunge laterally to one side, simultaneously pressing the plate or ball out.
Females confronted with the same small treat typically don't box or lunge. Instead, they butt heads and shove each other with their forelegs.
Start with a forward lunge with your right leg, then do a diagonal lunge to the right side, then diagonal lunge to the right rear, and finish with a straight reverse lunge.
Although the lunge is a terrific training exercise for the entire leg region, it is often overlooked when crafting the typical leg training routine.
Lunge. The down position of the lunge duplicates the airborne position in sprinting.
The search of the area within the arrestee's immediate control is generally limited to the area within which the arrestee could gain possession of a weapon or destroy evidence.(20) This area has commonly been referred to as the "lunge" area.
lunge at a knife The former worker said of his three tragic colleagues: "They couldn't cope with the stress.