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air (one's) lungs

1. To use profane language. Mike always airs his lungs when he's frustrated. Please stop airing your lungs in front of the children! My dad sure aired his lungs after he found out I'd put a dent in his car.
2. To chat or gossip. That group of women gets together at the diner every Saturday night to have coffee and air their lungs. I know you love to air your lungs with Zelda, but watch what you say around her—someone who gossips might also gossip about you. I have no interest in airing my lungs with the other girls at lunchtime—I'd rather go to the art room and work on my paintings.
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at the top of (one's) lungs

As loudly as one can. I've hardly slept because my infant has been crying at the top of her lungs all night. Sing at the top of your lungs so that the people in the last row of the auditorium can hear you!
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have a good pair of lungs

To be able to cry loudly. My newborn sure has a good pair of lungs, especially at three in the morning!
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lung butter

Thick green- or yellow-colored mucus that is produced as a result of a respiratory disease or infection and coughed up out of the mouth; phlegm. My grandmother always kept a pack of tissues in her pocket that she could spit her lung butter into after she had a coughing fit. Look, I get it—you're sick. But at least have the decency to rinse the lung butter down the drain after you spit it into the sink!
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air one's lungs

1. Rur. to swear. Don't pay those old cowboys no mind. They're just airin' the lungs. I could tell John was working on his old car 'cause I could hear him out in the garage, airin' his lungs. 2. Rur. to talk, gossip, or brag. The ladies just love to air their lungs whenever they get together.
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at the top of one's voice

 and at the top of one's lungs
Fig. very loudly. Bill called to Mary at the top of his voice. How can I drive safely when you're all screaming at the top of your lungs?
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at the top of one's lungs

Also, at the top of one's voice. With an extremely loud voice. For example, The babies in the nursery all were crying at the top of their lungs. The noun top here refers to the greatest degree of volume (that is, loudest) rather than high pitch, a usage dating from the mid-1500s.
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n. vomit. God, you got lung-butter on my shoe!
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at the top of (one's) lungs

As loudly as one's voice will allow.
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at the top of (one's) voice

As loudly as one's voice will allow.
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