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Some are the natural haunt of romantic couples wanting to gaze into each other's eyes, others attract the dynamic lady luncher, while others are perfect for gutsy young families.
One luncher spent an hour-and-at-half at Andina just to eat a hamburger.
ZINGY COLESLAW From Big Luncher Cathy Devon What you need: White and red cabbage Carrots Onion Sultanas Salad cream or mayonnaise Salt and pepper Dash of lime juice How to make it: 1.
The prices reflect painstaking hours in the kitchen making every little detail just so and the same extras are proffered to the luncher as well as the diner.
THE Scurra bumps into Amanda Platell at the Covent Garden restaurant, Christopher's - the favourite haunt of serial luncher, BBC political editor Andrew Marr.
Americans may just bolt down a quick bite or two, but lunchers across Europe take their noontime repast more seriously.
Over the study, the early lunch eaters lost significantly more weight than those who ate later (and who also tended to skip or eat less at breakfast than the early lunchers), even though both groups had the same daily calorie intake, did about the same amount of exercise, and got the same amount of sleep.
The brunch and scones crowd was being replaced by lunchers and it was time to go.
In terms of cost, tennis ball machines with mechanical ball launcher are economic in comparison to pneumatic tennis ball lunchers, due to the ease and economic availability of mechanical products used to manufacture these types of tennis ball machines.
Late lunchers or early diners can also enjoy two courses during the week between 3pm and 7pm for PS10.95.
This goes some way to explain why the Otters Pool, part of the Harvester chain and set back unobtrusively from all this leisurely action, is such a popular destination for Sunday lunchers.
The lunchers reckon M&S or Waitrose, and their reaction to both the food and the 'Lidl surprise' should bring savvy shoppers a-flocking.
The Jackman Foundation offices sit high On the 54di floor of Mies van der Rohe 's austere TD Bank Tower, just down the hall from Canoe restaurant, still a favourite of financial-district power lunchers. Father Edward is Vice-Chair of the Foundation, while his brother, Frederic (Eric) Jackman, takes the lead role as Chair--and effectively CEO and CFO since Father Jackman characterizes him as "the one Who runs the financial organization."