References in classic literature ?
I lunched there and saw Casaubon's library, and that kind of thing.
I reverted to the occasion when he lunched with me at the Club.
I had a wheelbarrow and a piano for breakfast, and lunched with a King.
We met in Paris some years ago, and when he was last in London, during the autumn, I lunched with him twice.
He must at some time, in Paris, for instance, or when you lunched with him last year, have said something about his profession, or how he spent his time?
They lunched in leisurely fashion, Olive in particular glancing often towards the door, and afterwards they sat about in the lounge, drinking their coffee.
Aynesworth lunched with a few of his particular friends at the club.
She lunched alone, and as she rose from the table she spoke to the butler: "Thomas, I am going down to the kitchen now to see Norah.
She lunched to-day on beer, Schweine-koteletten, and cabbage-salad with caraway seeds in it, and now I hear her through the open window, extemporising touching melodies in her charming, cooing voice.