lunch off

lunch off something

to make a lunch by eating something or part of something. We will be able to lunch off the leftover turkey for days! lean lunch off what is in the refrigerator. Don't worry about me.
See also: lunch, off
References in classic literature ?
And many a day I made my entire lunch off one of those slabs.
When they eat they give me my lunch off to one side, or afterward.
We came on Sunday to find out if we were getting it for Christmas as I didn't fancy eating Christmas lunch off my lap.
Then in Year 10 a friend bought my lunch off me as I wasn't hungry that day and then I've grown it from there.
If you like good films, you'd be better off using this DVD as a coaster or eating your lunch off it.
We stopped for lunch off the coast at Sandy Lane, next door to Rihanna's multi-million dollar condo, and we must apologise if the noise troubled her as Bob Marley's greatest hits blasted through the speakers.
Graham Wagg hit three sixes in an over before lunch off Arron Lilley's offspin, with all three blows landing in the gardens of houses positioned over long-on at the Penrhyn Avenue End of the ground.
Actually my opposition to restrictions on smoking are pretty historic to be honest, long before I accepted lunch off of JTI or anybody else.
Start their packed lunch off with some starchy carbohydrate to give long-lasting energy.
Such concentration on perfection, combined with a workshop so clean that you could eat your lunch off the floor, could be a recipe for sterility, but this is not the case.
The sixth-wicket pair added 41 runs in the last nine overs before lunch off the bowling of Wayne White and Nadeem Malik, but their partnership of 59 was broken in the first over after the interval, Joseph returning to the attack to have Wallace caught behind.
THE price war that has been waged by bookmakers in recent months became more and more heated in the run-up to Cheltenham, with firms "keen to steal lunch off the plates of our competitors", as David Williams of Ladbrokes described it yesterday as layers reflected on the festival, writes Stuart Riley.
That did not provide them with any momentum, however, as AB de Villiers stepped in and produced a great quick-fire century, reaching 119no by lunch off just 94 balls, with 11 fours and five maximums, and Kallis looking rock solid on 182, with 12 fours and five sixes.
Jordan Calame captures the lifelong battle between prey and predator in a dramatic shot of a dolphin snapping its lunch off the shores of Florida.