lump (someone or something) together

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lump (someone or something) together

To put or categorize someone or something in the same manner or group as someone or something else, especially in a careless, hasty, or indiscriminately. Just because I've dabbled in drugs and alcohol doesn't mean I deserve to be lumped together with those degenerates. Kids, please don't lump all these clothes together before they go in the wash—separate out lights and darks! I don't think it's a good idea lumping these two groups of kids together.
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lump someone and someone else together

 and lump something and something else together
to classify people or things as members of the same category. You just can't lump Bill and Ted together. They are totally different kinds of people. I tend to lump apples and oranges together.
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lump together

To put people or things in the same group or category indiscriminately: The teacher lumped the puzzles and the books together in the toy box. Those students are friends, but I wouldn't lump them together in the same clique.
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He lumps together Israel, the West Bank and the occupied West Bank, which makes some of his points difficult to understand.
She lumps together "late-nineteenth-and early-twentieth-century reformers ...[who] advocated a social casework approach--individual interaction between a patient and professional--to "aid the poor".
Joe Watson, CEO of Strategic Hire, a Reston, Virginia-based diversity consulting firm, explains, "Most people, particularly rank and file [employees], have been through diversity training that often lumps together EEO education or affirmative education with sexual harassment training.
Zoch lumps together the Fordham Foundation report "Better Teachers, Better Schools" and the National Commission's "What Matters Most" as reports that assume a direct causal relationship between a teacher's actions and the students' learning.
Habib lumps together the few Africans at court and in London with the growing numbers already captives in the early stages of the slave trade.
Chapter 2 declares a need to redefine classic from its current use as a value judgment to that of a period (1830-1860), a thematic focus (the individual in opposition to slavery), and a "means to distinguish book-length, sell-authored, antebellum slave narratives from those that precede or follow them." However, this noble purpose is mitigated a bit by the chapter's structure which discusses "The Critics and Douglass's 1845 Narrative," then lumps together Jacobs's Incidents and texts by Brown, Pennington, Bibb, and Craft as "Other Configurations of the 'Classic' Slave Narrative."
``This scheme lumps together some trivial offences that shouldn't be criminal and some more serious ones that should be and are criminal, and should be subject to the full process of law.
She lumps together the proposed flag burning amendment, the 1990 obscenity arrest of the band 2 Live Crew in Florida, and the congressional restrictions on NEA funding.
The Tailenders lumps together Johnny Herbert, Pedro de la Rosa, Marc Gene, Nick Heidfeld and outsider Gaston Mazzacane.
"There is literally no evidence that the measures that OSHA proposed to apply to every office building in the United States will be effective at eliminating the broad spectrum of complaints that OSHA lumps together under the general rubric of 'indoor air quality problems'," NRC Senior Vice Chairman Edwin N.
If there's an industry benchmark for reserves, it's probably about 2%-3%--though that number lumps together the experiences of some very dissimilar companies.
NASA launched 41 Explorer satellites in its first decade (1958-'67), 27 of which related to what the CES lumps together as the earth sciences.
That doesn't mean it isn't valid, but it does mean that ecologists and environmentalists can't simply justify their preference for native species on the basis of economic fiddling that willy-nilly lumps together basically benign alien species along with bad actors.
Where Screech talks about how Montaigne "lumps together" certain of Plato's remarks with Mahomet's, the translators offer us "associe" (172).
In the same vein, Callahan regularly lumps together choices made by consumers with choices made by governments.