lump (someone or something) together

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lump (someone or something) together

To put or categorize someone or something in the same manner or group as someone or something else, especially in a careless, hasty, or indiscriminately. Just because I've dabbled in drugs and alcohol doesn't mean I deserve to be lumped together with those degenerates. Kids, please don't lump all these clothes together before they go in the wash—separate out lights and darks! I don't think it's a good idea lumping these two groups of kids together.
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lump someone and someone else together

 and lump something and something else together
to classify people or things as members of the same category. You just can't lump Bill and Ted together. They are totally different kinds of people. I tend to lump apples and oranges together.
See also: and, else, lump, together

lump together

To put people or things in the same group or category indiscriminately: The teacher lumped the puzzles and the books together in the toy box. Those students are friends, but I wouldn't lump them together in the same clique.
See also: lump, together
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"It's an extraordinary city and different to Manchester and to lump them together is not to notice the vital differences.
Lump them together and it is a love-hate relationship with these moneyed families.
It does not do any favours to either Ulster Scots or Irish to try and lump them together."
But before we dismiss people who need medical marijuana as fakers, or before we lump them together as stoners or thugs, let's listen to Ms.
Driver recruiting and retention - we'll lump them together as one entity - is one of the biggest challenges facing the industry.
I can normally tell different ages through 3 1/2 years old, but after that I lump them together. The 1 1/2-year-old bucks have small, spindly antlers and the deer appears to have long legs.
Admittedly, Europe, Asia and pre-Suez Canal Africa are or were a single continuous expanse of land, but Steve doesn't lump them together. Was he just trying to make the quiz unsolvable?
The first thing which comes to mind immediately rolls into the second, so I might as well lump them together on paper as well as in thought.
The fifth most dangerous occupation, when we lump them together, is crop and animal production, that is, traditional agricultural workers.
"We cannot lump them together into one process," he added.
While these are two separate items, I lump them together here because both actions were triggered by Sen.
The superficial similarities between such images make it all too easy to lump them together. That is wrong.
Many states lump them together in law under the rubric of "producer."