lump and else together

lump (someone or something) together

To put or categorize someone or something in the same manner or group as someone or something else, especially in a careless, hasty, or indiscriminately. Just because I've dabbled in drugs and alcohol doesn't mean I deserve to be lumped together with those degenerates. Kids, please don't lump all these clothes together before they go in the wash—separate out lights and darks! I don't think it's a good idea lumping these two groups of kids together.
See also: lump, together

lump someone and someone else together

 and lump something and something else together
to classify people or things as members of the same category. You just can't lump Bill and Ted together. They are totally different kinds of people. I tend to lump apples and oranges together.
See also: and, else, lump, together