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slang A large, strong, typically bumbling or foolish person, especially a man. Sometimes used endearingly. You wouldn't be acting so cocky if that lummox weren't here to back you up. Ah, come here and give me a hug, you big lummox!


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and lommix and lummux (ˈləmɑks and ˈləməks)
n. a heavy, awkward, stupid person, usually a male. Sam is what you would call a lummux—but not to his face, of course.


See lummox
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Tearful phone calls and the phrases no shaven headed lummox wants to hear ensued: "You've broken my heart" and "You've torn my family apart".
Pimply, simply, lummox, schlemiel, chasm, cleft (four times), chicken, spume.
When she went to interview the leader of the Russian people in 1924, Leon Trotsky greeted her by quoting from memory long passages of her 1923 novel Lummox.
A former teacher, the genial, stocky Irishman only launched into a full time acting career in 1990, but since then he's been seen to public and critical acclaim as Hamish in Braveheart, playing Michael Collins in the TV movie The Treaty and, most recentl y, as a dumb lummox petty criminal in the award winning I Went Down.
Ensslin, "there's always a great lummox who comes along.
That, when you came right down to it, was the only point of the great lummox from Arkansas.
Yesterday, as I was coming," Max said, "I saw her and that lummox Thanasi carry two bags out from the supermarket.
It said, 'The door of the church swung open and in stumbled this lummox of a woman with carrier bags of shopping'," recalls Brenda.
He may look exactly what Equine Central Casting would send round if you asked for an archetypal old-fashioned chaser but he is more than just a staying lummox - there is plenty of engine and travel about him.
Finally, however, Peter finds his destiny with Sydney Fife (Jason Segel), an unkempt lummox who drops by to scarf the free food at Peter's open house for the Lou Ferrigno home he's shouting.
HeOs not the enormous fattie he used to be, but heOs still an overgrown lummox, so needs the extra legroom this mega-jeep gives him
From David Lawrence (NY, NY): I have published more than a hundred poems in Minnesota Review, North American Review, Midwest Poetry Review, Pearl, Shenandoah, Chicago Tribune, California Quarterly, William and Mary Review, Confrontation, The South Carolina Review, ACM, Folio, No Exit, Laurel Review, Poetry Motel, Poet Lore, Mudfish, Hoyden's Ferry Review, Lummox, The Iconoclast, Heliotrope, Barbaric Yawp, Mojo Risin', Zuzu's Petals Quarterly Online, P.
Unfortunately, before he could prove that big is not necessarily short for big lummox he died of TB.
At the time, I recall thinking her husband was a lummox.