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(someone) could sell sawdust to a lumber mill

Someone is an extremely smooth, charming, or persuasive salesperson, such that they could sell something to those who have no need or use for it. I can't believe you were able to sell an extra 200 units to the hospital. You could sell sawdust to a lumber mill!
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lumber along

to lope or walk along heavily and awkwardly. The horses were lumbering along very slowly because they were tired out. They were lumbering along, hoping to get there on time.
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lumber off

to move or lope away heavily and awkwardly. The frightened bear lumbered off, and we left in a hurry. He lumbered off, leaving us there alone.
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Its grainy dystopian vision looks good, but, fuelled by portentous political science babble the lumberingly slow narrative resists any attempt to engage while Robbins and Morton (still wearing her Minority Report shorn waif look) fail to spark the necessary erotic chemistry to lift the love story beyond the yawningly formulaic.
Hard to believe I know, but this lumberingly unfunny comedy was adapted from Donald Westlake's novel , presumably by sucking out anything resembling character, plot and heart and then stitching together a travesty from the twitching corpse.
But for anyone who appreciates even the most minuscule of narrative effort, the barrage of cliches, over-ripe cheesy dialogue and some monumentally bad overacting on the part of the lumberingly dazed Fonda and a stratospherically OTT Karyo, this is stupefyingly woeful rubbish to which Chris Nahon's name as director must surely have been attached by mistake since this is clearly the work of a bunch of lobotomised monkeys let loose with a clapperboard and megaphone.
A streaker invaded the pitch nearing the final whistle; he lumberingly made his way a full three-quarters of the field before being tackled by the stewards, but it had been an entirely different streak that had set Twickenham alight in the closing stages - one Jason Robinson (right).
What remains of the lumberingly repetitive plot involves assorted narrow scrapes, emotional healings and mildly amusing shaggy-dog antics before the pure slapstick finale.