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(someone) could sell sawdust to a lumber mill

Someone is an extremely smooth, charming, or persuasive salesperson, such that they could sell something to those who have no need or use for it. I can't believe you were able to sell an extra 200 units to the hospital. You could sell sawdust to a lumber mill!
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lumber along

to lope or walk along heavily and awkwardly. The horses were lumbering along very slowly because they were tired out. They were lumbering along, hoping to get there on time.
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lumber off

to move or lope away heavily and awkwardly. The frightened bear lumbered off, and we left in a hurry. He lumbered off, leaving us there alone.
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The demand for lumber in China weakened during the second half of 2014 with import volumes of softwood lumber in the last quarter of the year falling nine percent from the 3Q/14 and six percent from the same quarter in 2013.
In an interview with Khaleej Times in 2013, SPF Precut Lumber President, Muhammad Amir, stated that his company goal was to achieve a 65 per cent market share for all softwood lumber exported to the Middle East from British Columbia (BC), Canada.
Although Bean Lumber tried to sue the Thomasons as part of that lawsuit, U.
However, a new softwood lumber accord between the U.
If you order from DLA, write in the remarks box of the requisition: heat-treated lumber only.
Meanwhile, the United States negotiators directly consulted with the Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports, the group of American lumber producers that took issue with Canadian softwood imports in the first place.
KID STUFF Although CCA-treated lumber has been available for 60 years, it didn't become the outdoor product of choice until the 1970s, when the United States' love affair with home decks heated up.
of lumber is between 5-6% and 10-11%, it can usually be turned, routed, glued, sanded, stained, etc.
Fastidious attention to growing stock may produce high-quality lumber, but it has done nothing to satisfy the growing Japanese demand for wood products.
S2K will also allow Frank Miller Lumber to exchange its multiple servers for one IBM Power 6 Server, which will lower cost and energy usage.
Lumber Coalition took note of the expiration today of the 2006 Softwood Lumber Agreement between the United States and Canada and expressed its thanks to the many U.
A lender has taken a buzzsaw to a now closed Bradley County lumber mill in an attempt to collect $2.
Two Ontario lumber industry associations are heading to court to uphold a ruling under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that Canadian lumber is not subsidized.
The nation's home builders have called on the Bush administration to rescind punishing tariffs on Canadian lumber imports following last Friday's unanimous ruling by a North American Free Trade Agreement panel that Canada does not subsidize its lumber industry.
The three most commonly practiced lumber stacking methods are box piling, even-one-end stacking, and precision end-trimmed stacking.