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(someone) could sell sawdust to a lumber mill

Someone is an extremely smooth, charming, or persuasive salesperson, such that they could sell something to those who have no need or use for it. I can't believe you were able to sell an extra 200 units to the hospital. You could sell sawdust to a lumber mill!
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lumber along

to lope or walk along heavily and awkwardly. The horses were lumbering along very slowly because they were tired out. They were lumbering along, hoping to get there on time.
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lumber off

to move or lope away heavily and awkwardly. The frightened bear lumbered off, and we left in a hurry. He lumbered off, leaving us there alone.
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9 million cu m of softwood lumber in 2016, which was the highest volume exported since 2006.
Commenting on the new move, Jeff Maske stated, We are excited about the opportunities that Alexander Lumber and their strategic vendor partners will bring to our employees and our customers.
Immediately after sawing, lumber was graded based on the JAS for sawn lumber (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan 2007b).
Curt Bean referred questions to Grady Bean, who is Curt Bean's cousin and has an ownership interest in the lumber company, or to Curt Bean's son, Tim Bean, who is president of Bean Lumber.
Access to a reliable, steady supply of lumber is the lifeline for any American home builder," said Wilson.
For information on DLA's lumber and wood products, go to the Wood Products page on the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia $91 website: http://www.
It's the details that will determine whether this will be a good deal or not," says the active co-chair of the Free Trade Lumber Council.
Forest Service have recently launched independent investigations into the efficacy of water repellents and coatings on pressure-treated lumber.
Canada--and its provinces, which actually control the country's timber harvesting and lumber production--doesn't exactly agree.
Do you find yourself saying, "With all these stacks of lumber, where do I begin?
The stands are tended with doting, hands-on care that produces what the Japanese consider the world's highest-quality lumber.
Effective July 23, 2012, Craig Glander has joined American Lumber Underwriters as Vice President of Sales.
com)-- Demand for softwood lumber has been steadily increasing on a worldwide basis since the great recession.
Lumber to distribute Georgia-Pacific engineered lumber in Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, the panhandle of Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee.