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hock a loogie

slang To cough up and spit out phlegm or saliva. Ew, did you seriously just hock a loogie in public?
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hock a luggie

(ˈhɑk ɑ ˈlugi)
tv. to cough up and spit out phlegm. Tom suppressed the urge to hock a luggie over the bridge railing.
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TRAGEDY Michael was hauled from the Luggie Water but could not be saved
Sales and marketing director Audrey Ross said: "The community council initiative to clean-up the Luggie walkway was an opportunity for team members to give their personal time to support a great local initiative that eventually everyone will benefit from.
The Luggie's incredible manoeuvrability makes it perfect around the home, with its tight 36" turning-circle and invaluable reverse feature.
Available in yellow, red, blue, white, and champagne, the Luggie lists for $1,999.
The Luggie is billed as the century's biggest innovation in mobility scooters.
Luggie's vast experience led Scotland boss Craig Brown to tout him as a possible replacement for his No.2 Alex Miller.
"I live on the fat of the land without getting fat," Muir wrote, "crackers and claret and a birdpicking of fruit." Even this diet proved too rich for the old Scotsman, who dreamed of "going back to the faith of my fathers--a poke of oatmeal, a luggie of parritch and a bicker of brose [translation: oatmeal, oatmeal, and oatmeal]." In the end, Muir longed for the taste of childhood.
It's understood a group of teenagers had gathered next to the Luggie Water when the tragedy happened at about 7pm.
As part of its dedication to the people of Bargeddie, Taylor Wimpey West Scotland has donated PS500 to the fundraising efforts of the Kirkwood community council's polish up of the Luggie Walkway next month.
FreeRider [R] Healthcare Corp., manufacturer of power mobility products since 1995, is the designer of the Luggie [R] scooter.
142) en deur die sinkdak word die elemente beleef: 'n wolkie wat oortrek of 'n luggie wat stoot, laat die dak afkoel met 'n getik en geknal (p.
Using a top-of-the range Freerider FR1 kindly donated by Yorkshire based company Freerider Luggie, the four "mobilateers" are aiming to raise up to PS10,000 of much-needed funds for charities Marie Curie and Parkinson's UK in Northern Ireland.