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And in that group of about 15 Filipino fans, they all agreed that Lucky Blue's ultimate charm was in the way he reached out to his followers.
On Sunday Les had a fire officer visit the site where Lucky went missing and there was bad news.
But instead, they all said, "We love you, Lucky boy
y h But one punter in Oldham got both lucky and unlucky with his Lucky 15 at the weekend.
Lucky sees me as his mother, as his real mum died a few hours after giving birth "He only comes to my bleat - we have a very special bond.
Dan Gronich, vice chairman of Grubb & Ellis New York, initiated the idea and presented the location to Lucky Strike for review.
empire, the Lucky name was discontinued when Albertsons Inc.
Ross called me, asking if I'd mention Lucky in my column.
Chocolate Lucky Charms combines scrumptious chocolate taste with whole grain oats to create a magically delicious cereal for kids and adults.
From the opening line, "I want to see how lucky Lucky can be," the tone of Melissa Etheridge's eighth and arguably most radio-friendly studio album is set: It's hopeful, upbeat, and downright happy, in sharp contrast to Skin, her last album which reflected her bitter breakup with Julie Cypher, her partner of 12 years.
MANY people have lucky numbers or lucky charms, but residents of one part of Swansea have something that's even better - a lucky bookmaker's.
I was part of a group that rescued and rehabilitated wildlife when I was given a squirrel, which I named Lucky, and his siblings.
Lucky has a mop of dreadlocks, light mustache, tattoos, and brands--including the name of a deceased sibling spelled out in cigarette burns.