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"It was more serious than I thought, but that makes me luckier to be here and alive."
I was luckier than most young lawyers in private practice in having roughly half my work be for clients with interesting and worthwhile causes, but that did leave the other half.
My friend Ben has been luckier than Hal in that respect.
to see where they lead seems luckier than going back.
Stupin says she is fond of the expression 'The harder I work, the luckier I get,' but notes there is no substitute for a focused business strategy that makes sense.
He was luckier than most and won twenty annual payments of $722,000 each.
Ron Harper, founder and chairman of Harper Corporation of America, has published "The Harder I Work, the Luckier I Get," a personal memoir.
The first comprehensive test of charms' effectiveness found they do not increase luck in events of pure chance, but users often felt luckier and more confident.
I work mostly from home, but luckier still: I love what I do.
The truth is that the harder you work, the luckier you get."
The harder William Phillips works, the more talent he displays, the luckier he seems to get.
The luckier ones will learn to follow, and others, sadly, will perish.
I lived in terrible housing conditions, it was damp and cold.' But she was luckier than many asylum seekers; at least she had some friends.
Only we were luckier. When our destiny turned on the radio, hardcore '70's rock and roll p enetrated the air with Zeppelin, Nugent, Aerosmith, AC/DC, and our favorite pool-riding staple--ZZ Top.