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I'm looking for the crooked-nose man that's to bring the good luck. 'Tis all that will save us.
"None," says I to him, "except that as one horseshoe resembles another so are ye the picture of good luck as predicted by the hand of me friend.
And, though ye've got the crookedest nose in New York City, I misdoubt that all the fortune-tellers doing business could milk good luck from ye.
There was good luck promised out of the crook of your nose, but ye bear fruit like the bang of a drum.
'How happy am I!' cried he; 'nobody was ever so lucky as I.' Then up he got with a light heart, free from all his troubles, and walked on till he reached his mother's house, and told her how very easy the road to good luck was.
"Salters, your blame luck holds tighter'n a screw in a keg-head."
"Abishai has shorely took his luck with him," said Salters.
"The luck's cut square in two pieces," said Long Jack, forking in the fish, while Harvey stood open-mouthed at the skill with which the plunging dory was saved from destruction.
Craig Morris GOOD on him good luck top guy Bill Price WELL done, enjoy your new life in Dubai Carl Martin GOOD player good luck for the future Helen Davies GOOD luck for your future And your family Joan Morgan Follow us on Twitter @WalesOnline
Well, I also think we all need a bit of luck. Mixed with effort, persistence, good decisions and, of course, hard work.
It'll be nice to see the pub looking nice again after a year of being empty and good luck to Gavin, a fab new adventure.
Many go to their choice feng shui expert to know their luck forecast for the year and how to improve their luck and prevent ill tidings.
For luck and happiness, there are red paper cuttings on doors and windows.
Sam Osborne Good luck to Tony and Ann, very sad day but I wish you a very long and happy retirement.