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lube (someone or something) up

To cover (someone or something) in a lubricating substance in order to minimize friction. You should try lubing up the chain and see if that makes any difference to how the bike feels. Make sure you lube the pistons up really well before you reassemble the machine.
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lubed up

Very drunk. I mean, I was too lubed up to even see straight, so there was absolutely no way I was going to get behind the wheel of a car.
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lube up

1. To coat something thoroughly with a lubricating substance; make something slippery to prevent damage or irritation from friction: The mechanic lubed up the engine. I took the gears out of the motor, lubed them up, and put them back in.
2. To be drunk. Used in the passive: I was pretty lubed up, so I took a taxi home.
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n. butter. Pass the lube, will ya, huh?
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Mechanics, it's easy to neglect lubing some of the grease fittings on the Bradley's right angle fan drive shaft.
Make sure you clean it off before lubing to keep from forcing in any dirt.
And remember that operating conditions in the sandbox may require more lubing than what the lube chart in your ASV's maintenance manual prescribes.
Once you finish lubing, how 'bout using protective caps on the hook block's grease fittings?
Solvent tanks are not a Substitute for a thorough cleaning and lubing. Soldiers dunk their weapons in a solvent tank and then turn them in to the arms room.
Proper lubing is required when it comes to the grease fittings in the tower area behind the excavator's blade.
Lubing keeps everything moving smoothly and pushes out water and most debris.
Keep the steering wheel turning during normal operations by lubing the intermediate steering shaft with GAA annually or every 3,000 miles, whichever comes first.