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lube (someone or something) up

To cover (someone or something) in a lubricating substance in order to minimize friction. You should try lubing up the chain and see if that makes any difference to how the bike feels. Make sure you lube the pistons up really well before you reassemble the machine.
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lubed up

Very drunk. I mean, I was too lubed up to even see straight, so there was absolutely no way I was going to get behind the wheel of a car.
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lube up

1. To coat something thoroughly with a lubricating substance; make something slippery to prevent damage or irritation from friction: The mechanic lubed up the engine. I took the gears out of the motor, lubed them up, and put them back in.
2. To be drunk. Used in the passive: I was pretty lubed up, so I took a taxi home.
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n. butter. Pass the lube, will ya, huh?
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All Minit Lube s are expected to be rebranded as Valvoline Great Canadian Oil Change.
"If you're careful (and with some luck), the case neck will not be scored or creased, and the temporary shoulder will not have any dents caused by applying or not removing excess lube. Note: Even if you wipe excess lube off the case neck, the die may still accumulate too much inside and cause a dent to form on the next case neck or shoulder.
The second lube point is in a recessed area inside the mechanical drive housing, NSN 3040-00-179-5562.
Chain lube penetrates deep into roller chain links and doesn't fly off when the chain is in motion.
Lube N Go is proud to offer a full spectrum service that includes auto repair in the Waterloo-Kitchener area.
YES: This organic lube will have you calling its name!
While demanding imposition of a price control mechanism on lube base oil manufacturers, Zahid said that Attock Refinery and National Refinery, the major shareholders of the lube base oil manufacturers had so far increased the price by Rs51.50 per litre in the last 14 months and this was sixth announcement of price increase in the lube base oil during the period.
Marc-Andre LeBlanc, Secretary of International Rectal Microbicides Advocacy (IRMA) who is also a member of Lube Safety Working Group, said to CNS before XIX International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2012) opened in Washington DC: "Many men, women and transgender people use lubricants (lubes) during sexual intercourse.
The oils will be produced at the company's new BD170 million ($450 million) lube plant, due to start production early next month, said chief executive Faisal Al Mahroos.
KARACHI, May 03, 2011 (Frontier Star): National Refinery has once again increased the prices of lube base oil by Rs3 per litre which would result in sharp increase in all the lubricating oils by at least Rs4 per litre.
Pertamina Lubricants already has assets worth more than Rp2 trillion including lands and four lube oil blending plants (LOBP) in Jakarta, Cilacap, Gresik, and Surabaya.
Jiffy Lube International Inc., founded in the 1970s, has more than 2,000 franchised service centers in North America and serves approximately 24 million customers each year.
The S-design seal, previously available only on Self- Lube units up to 45mm bore, offers the advantages of greater robustness and lower torque operation.
Weasler Engineering Extended Lube 80[degree] constant velocity universal joints provide smooth power transmission with longer lubrication intervals.
As the only thread compound manufacturer that produces all of its own base greases, Jet Lube offers a wide range of unique environmentally safe ISO quality compounds and lubricants.