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Figure 7: Register distribution of lowness and low with the semantic category STATIVE (absolute frequencies and percentages by sense) lowness low Spoken 0 0% 0 0% W_acad 0 0% 2 6% W_essays 0 0% 0 0% W_fiction 1 100% 3 9% W_letters 0 0% 0 0% W_news 0 0% 18 55% W_non-acad 0 0% 3 9% W_magaz 0 0% 5 15% W_other 0 0% 2 6% Note: Table made from bar graph.
Among their topics are estimating the cost of environmental degradation in India, natural solutions to environmental issues: the case of the textile sector, climate change burden sharing: a reappraisal of the equity debate, the importance of excess female mortality in explaining lowness of the sex ratio in India, subsidized credit versus public works program in rural India, and the software sector in Bangalore and Hyderabad.
The reason is the lowness of the total efficiency of turbocharger increases the exhaust gas pressure as shown in figure 26.
Due to distinctive ecological peculiarities, the rural environment of Iran has a verity of spatial structures, factors such as climate lowness and highness, physical conditions of ground, water resources and other natural factors, have been quite effective in formation of rural spaces and establishment of villages.
Explain that the term pitch means the highness or lowness of a sound.
Compared with the method described in Gallant and Dowling (2003), this version uses standard deviation of elevation as well as slope to define 'flat' areas, and combines the indicators of flatness and lowness using a minimum rather than multiplication, similar to a fuzzy 'and' operation.
Quarry Green were 6-1 winners over Mersey with Connor Wright (3), Greg Lowness, Brad Platt and Brian Flynn netting.
Then, for more years, I tediously cleaved to the whole Morrissey "her very lowness with her head in a sling" line, but that's teenagers for you.
The former parish priest of the village, William Villviza, said the mud also "reminds one of the lowness of one's being" and enables one to be "close to the earth."
The "denunciation of illegitimate theatre" became a "Romantic project" under the auspices of Wordsworth and Coleridge, with Coleridge above all responsible for the canonization of "an absolute distinction between legitimate and illegitimate drama." (7) Against this, however, and particularly against the Lake school identification of illegitimate theater with "vulgarity, lowness, political radicalism, and cultural subversion," there is the willingness of Hazlitt, Keats, Leigh Hunt, and other younger Romantics to discover "the promise of anarchic freedom from dull convention and stultifying precedent in the illegitimate stage." (8)
Guagnini's show was both a memento mori and a monument to lowness, perversity, and death.
The lowness of this index represents the low difference between the research conceptual models with the data observed.
Upon meeting Captain Wentworth's "brother-officers," Anne is captivated by the "hospitality so uncommon," the friendship and "attachment": '"These would have been all my friends,' was her thought; and she had to struggle against a great tendency to lowness" (98).
[19] Excess female mortality or the lowness of the relative survival advantage of women is the single most important determinant of "missing women" in India.