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Looking at skewness and lowness values, variables are decided to be appropriate for multiple normal distributions.
1) lowness of the typical level of food consumption; (2) declining trend of food consumption; and (3) sudden collapse of the level of food consumption.
As he says in "Lowness," the poem that closes In Beauty Bright, "it's no little thing / forgiving bastards and loving lowness.
The lowness of pubic tubercle is associated with narrow origin of internal oblique muscle from lateral inguinal ligament.
And although the lowness of interest after two or three years may make land sell something better and dearer, yet it will hardly ever raise the rents of lands (11).
He gives the word's etymology in the word humus, of the earth, which suggests not merely a lowness but a groundedness.
It is as if the perceived lowness of popular song frees Fielding from constraint, and he no longer strives for elevation but relaxes into a colloquial and far livelier style.
To identify the best model, models were examined for the lowness of their AIC value and tested using a likelihood ratio test that compares difference in deviances of nested models against a chi-squared distribution.
Asked how he was managing to keep himself psyched-up to keep running this 940-mile epic, Lorraine said: "Fortunately any sort of lowness doesn't last long and we are all here to cheer him on and there's good luck messages on Twitter which are nice.
And in "Lowness," the poet reiterates his claim against all forms of mystification, preferring a poetry of lowness that dips down into the jetsam of life and excavates meaning from what he finds there.
That shiny yellow orb has been around for some time, apparently, but its aggravating lowness seems only recently to have affected jump races to such a degree.
As William Ian Miller argues in The Anatomy of Disgust, the anus "is the essence of lowness, of untouchability" in Western culture (1997, p.
Lowness of interest is generally ascribed to plenty of money.
9) The lowness of his social condition is especially pronounced compared to that of his wife's second husband.