lower yourself

lower (oneself)

To demean or degrade oneself; to do or say things that will lose the esteem or respect of others. I refuse to lower myself by engaging in a smear campaign just to win an election. I'm proud of your for not lowering yourself to trade insults with that horrid woman.
See also: lower

ˈlower yourself (by doing something)

(usually used in negative sentences) behave in a way that makes other people respect you less: I wouldn’t lower myself by working for him.
See also: lower
References in classic literature ?
you will never lower yourself by making a confession to him?
Use a rope's end to lower yourself into the water so as to avoid a splash--you know.
Sit on a chair or step, drop your bum off of the edge and lower yourself down and back up again.
Ostrich Walk From the standing position, lower yourself to a touch-toes position.
There's an adage about speakers facing audiences that are lifeless or contentious or otherwise difficult: as a speaker, you either raise the audience to your level or lower yourself to their's.
Yes, it is wonderful that she is happy and having a child but why lower yourself so much by posing naked?
Open the door and lower yourself into the snug seats and you'll find a cabin that oozes quality in that classic BMW fashion.
Lower yourself so you're almost sitting on the chair, but as soon as your bum touches the seat, slowly stand back up again.
Lower yourself back to the floor onto your left foot as you step down.
Imagine leaning back, hearing the wind, taking the strain and feeling the rush as you lower yourself over the edge.
Bend your knees, push with your lower hand to lift your hips then slowly lower yourself back down.
If you're sure if you're going low enough then perform this exercise with a chair behind you and lower yourself down until you're almost sitting on the chair.