lower the boom on

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lower the boom (on someone or something)

1. To punish someone or something harshly. He's a really strict teacher, so he'll definitely lower the boom on you if you don't do your homework. Well, Mom lowered the boom and grounded me for a month because I came home after curfew again.
2. To halt something or bring about its end. I used demerits to lower the boom on silliness in my class.
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lower the boom on someone

Fig. to scold or punish someone severely; to crack down on someone; to throw the book at someone. If Bob won't behave better, I'll have to lower the boom on him. The teacher lowered the boom on the whole class for misbehaving.
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lower the boom on

Scold harshly or punish severely; also, put a stop to something. For example, If you're caught smoking in school, the principal is bound to lower the boom on you, or The new radar equipment enabled the police to lower the boom on speeding. This expression refers to the boom of a sailboat-a long spar that extends from the mast to hold the foot of the sail. In a changing wind, the boom can swing wildly, leaving one at risk of being struck. [Slang; first half of 1900s]
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lower the boom on

1 treat someone severely. 2 put a stop to an activity. informal
It has been suggested that this phrase originally meant ‘knocking out an adversary with one punch’ in a fight.
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For 17 years, the law in Virginia required two motions and two trips to the courthouse before a judge could lower the boom on a party who stonewalled on discovery.
Only then did Gina lower the boom on the erring companies, whose mistake, I think, from 20-20 hindsight, was to not take her seriously, and so were caught flatfooted by the decision.
Once installed, it also reduces the risks to operators and maintenance teams in having to lower the boom and carry out complicated weld repairs with limited access.
Falling oil prices lower the boom in Texas, Houston Chronicle
Witness the 2012 decision by The New York Times to lower the boom from 20 to 10 free articles a month, and to systematically route out the technical workarounds that have let readers bypass the paywall in the past.
Sonando s arrest on the heels of Clinton s visit is a brazen signal that Hun Sen thinks that the US wants his cooperation on other matters so much that he isn t afraid to lower the boom on his critics," said Brad Adams, Asia director of New York-based Human Rights Watch.
and thunderously lower the boom just to see what happens
This may be slower than simply opening a hydraulic non-return valve to lower the boom but it is far safer to control the movement of the boom and load in this way at all times.
Retractable bellows draw away toxic fumes, while two hydraulic cylinders raise and lower the boom and lance carriage from drum height to container height within 1-inch of clearance above the rim.
The filler uses two hydraulic cylinders to raise and lower the boom and lance carriage from drum height to IBC height to within 1" clearance above the container.
Always position the vehicle as close to the container as possible, use a ground guide when driving the RTCH up or down trailer ramps, and lower the boom before transporting a load.
For those jurors who repeatedly ignore summons, the work group urges judges to lower the boom by imposing at least $100 fines and holding no-shows in contempt.
Two cylinders on the boom control the side-to-side sweeping motion, and a third is used to raise and lower the boom to penetrate vertically into the stump.
Yet, Hammell can convincingly cite cases of the FDA using "jack-booted thug" tactics to lower the boom on alternative medicine and dietary supplements.
To merely lower the boom of censorship on these exploiters of children seems to me to be too little, too late.