lower (one's) guard

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lower (one's) guard

To become less guarded or vigilant; to stop being cautious about potential trouble or danger. We'll wait long enough for them to lower their guard before we launch our invasion. There will always be people in this business looking to exploit you, so you can never lower your guard.
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lower your guard


drop your guard

COMMON If you lower your guard or drop your guard, you stop taking actions to protect yourself against trouble and you start to relax, often with bad consequences. Note: Your guard is the position that you get in when you are ready to defend yourself in sports such as boxing or fencing. The soldiers had made the mistake of lowering their guard at the precise moment when they should have been most alert. I don't like to drop my guard when I'm with my colleagues, even if I'm socializing with them. Note: You can also say that you let your guard down or let down your guard with the same meaning. Many men work in extremely competitive environments where letting down their guard could leave them vulnerable.
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lower (or drop or let down) your guard

1 relax your defensive posture, leaving yourself vulnerable to attack. 2 reduce your level of vigilance or caution.
This is an expression connected in its literal sense with boxing, as is its opposite raise your guard meaning ‘adopt a defensive posture’.
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Louis at four in the afternoon, and she stood on the lower guard abaft the paddle box and watched Tom through a blur of tears until he melted into the throng of people and disappeared; then she looked no more, but sat there on a coil of cable crying till far into the night.
All-new X35 front design has a strong SUV stance with double grill, lenticular headlamps, three-hole lower guard plate, square fog lamps and C-shaped LED daytime running lights.
JAPAN MUSTN'T LOWER GUARD ON YEN RISE (The Daily Yomiuri as translated from The Yomiuri Shimbun's editorial published Nov.
The central test plate is enclosed with protective ring and lower guard so that the test can be performed without lateral heat loss.
He added that "there was no connect between the lower guard rail and the ply packing pieces" supporting it, meaning the "only restraint offered to the base was friction" and "the failure of the supporting scaffold guard rail was foreseeable", he said.
An anti-snag lower guard enables the saw to progress smoothly, even through thinner materials where other guard styles tend to bind.
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