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*low profile

Fig. a persona or character that does not draw attention. (*Typically: assume ~; have ~; keep ~; give oneself ~.) I try to be quiet and keep a low profile. It's hard because I just love attention.
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We have virtually reinvented the low-profile screw, explains Gaurav Agarwal, DSVP and General Manager for Smith & Nephew s Advanced Surgical Devices Division.
For the first time our low-profile technology is combined with a plastic belt.
Adding to the modularity of the low-profile conveyors is the ability to vary line speed to match the needs of each step in the process.
While less convenient for highly ambulatory patients, they are cheaper, and easier for caregivers to use, and will continue to be used for patients who do not desire the increased mobility offered by low-profile feeding tubes.
GORE[TM] Low-Profile Copper Cable was developed for GORE[TM] QSFP Assemblies and InfiniBand QDR applications.
STS) is a leading designer and manufacturer of Low-Profile Night Vision Goggles (LPNVG) for counter-terrorism and low intensity conflict operations by Special Operations Forces for the U.
the MEKP-cured resin system consists of CoRezyn 44-BZ-9606 resin plus CoRezyn 20-LP-7510 saturated polyester low-profile additive.
Another resin designed to meet the 35% maximum monomer limit of Rule 1162 is new Polaris MR18201 low-profile laminating polyester from Aristech Chemical Corp.
When combined with low-shrink additives, GeoPlas reportedly can approach low-profile results at lower cost than with conventional low-profile agents.
Or, it can be blended with new Arotech 2001 low-profile additive to achieve zero shrinkage.
ECC says these additives eliminate the need for a low-profile agent, simplifying the formulation.
Addressing what remains a pre-empinent quality issue in automotive SMC, several technical papers will discuss new resin systems and low-profile additives.
The unmatched performance, space and cost-saving benefits of the CAT3636, combined with its tiny, 3x3mm, low-profile TQFN package provide a totally new alternative for designers of today's emerging, razor-thin portable products.
Olin selling urethane and low-profile additives businesses
AVX Corporation (NYSE:AVX), a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components, has expanded the X5R dielectric product offering to include a very low-profile multi-layer ceramic capacitor (MLCC).
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