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1. adjective (used prenominally) Dishonest or unfair; vile or despicable; contemptible. The guy I've been seeing turned out to be a low-down, cheating rat! You're nothing but a low-down coward, you know that? My low-down boss fired me, even though it was his mistake that lost us the client!
2. noun The truth, facts, or most pertinent information about something. OK, here's the low-down: I've got a great business opportunity lined up, but I need to borrow a few thousand dollars to get it off the ground. This is Jane—she'll give you the low-down on day-to-day tasks around the office.

*lowdown (on someone or something)

the full story about someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I need to get the lowdown on John. Is he still an accountant? Sally wants to get the lowdown on the new pension plan. Please tell her all about it.


1. mod. rotten; bad. What a dirty, lowdown thing to do.
2. n. the facts on something; the scuttlebutt about something. What’s the lowdown on that funny statue in the park?
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Private mortgage insurance covers default risk on residential first- mortgage loans, and facilitates the sale of low-down payment first mortgages in the secondary mortgage markets.
Get the low-down on two small-cap stocks from Mike Chrisman and whether they will be the next big leader.
From San Francisco to Boston, the weekly e-newsletters conveniently deliver local conversation, the low-down on what's happening around town, and deals from local businesses directly to subscribers' e-mail boxes.
The number of low-down buyers more than tripled from 1990 to 1999, far outstripping California's overall increase in home sales.
The median price paid for a low-down home was $142,000 last quarter, up 5.
Private mortgage insurance protects lenders from default-related losses on residential first mortgages and facilitates the sale of low-down payment mortgage loans in the secondary market.
Low-downs on shipwreck locations, articles on wreck diving, gear, techniques, etc.