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It's just perfect," say ads for Haagen-Dazs Low Fat Ice Cream.
Studies of glycemic index (GI) were originally intended to help people suffering from an unusually low response to their own insulin, but some researchers now suggest that the diet they recommend for this so-called syndrome X can benefit nearly anyone.
You'd think, and the cigarette companies would have you believe, that this stampede to low tar would result in a net health gain for all concerned.
Only a few of the many MOCA replacements even came close to meeting the industry's processing and performance needs while being low in toxicity and affordable.
The report indicates a wealth of information on polyethylene linear low density manufacturers and distributors
In a related class of nonlinear effects, called hormesis, a compound at high doses has an inhibitory--and generally toxic--effect on some biological process but the opposite effect at certain low doses.
Ethylene terpolymers provide impact resistance over a broad temperature range, particularly at low temperatures, for various thermoplastics.
Differences in learning styles of low socioeconomic status for low and high achievers [Electronic version].
Note that none of the variables accounting for very low ROA is a positive phenomenon.
Acevedo-Garcia D, Soobader M-J and Berkman LF, The differential effect of foreign-born status on low birth weight by race/ethnicity and education, Pediatrics, 2005, 115(1):e20-e30, <www.
SkyEurope, founded in 2001, has brightened Stefanik's dark little corner, operating flights to 13 international destinations for as low as 17 euros.
Instead, Varnedoe and Gopnik's search for the low led them to comics and graffiti, advertising and caricature--the four of which, along with the more amorphous "Words" and "Contemporary Reflections," composed their show's half dozen sections.
The low-carb industry assumes that if your net carbs are low, your weight will follow.
Having lost and kept off more than 40 pounds since 1995, Carpender, who also wrote ``How I Gave Up My Low Fat Diet and Lost Forty Pounds,'' and consumes 50 or fewer carb grams a day now, encourages people to break out of their old ways of looking at food.
OTTAWA -- Higher education is no guarantee of avoiding low income for single mothers, says a study on lone parents produced by Human Resources Development Canada.