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love the sound of (one's) own voice

To enjoy hearing oneself talk because one is pompous and/or self-centered. Boy, he really loves the sound of his own voice—I didn't think he would ever stop talking! I know you love the sound of your own voice, but can I please say something now?
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tender loving care

Compassionate, caring, protective attention or treatment. Sometime abbreviated to TLC, especially when using the term more jocularly or lightheartedly. I find that giving these patients tender loving care is as beneficial to them as their medication, sometimes more so. Your plants just need a little tender loving care and they'll be green and healthy again in no time!
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tender loving care

Also, TLC. Solicitous and compassionate care, as in These houseplants sure have had tender loving care, or Older house for sale, needs some renovation and TLC. Originally used to describe the work of care-givers such as nurses, this term today is often used ironically or euphemistically. [Second half of 1900s]
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Loving Warriors: Selected Letters of Lucy Stone and Henry Blackwell 1853-1893 (New York, 1981), 67.
Just as Nietzsche stood at the end of the nineteenth century announcing through the mouth of the prophet Zarathustra a new humanity, capable of loving the friend who is distant and radically other, so Derrida stands at the end of the twentieth century announcing the possible arrival of lovers of humanity (arrivants).
but if you said that by loving Diane, I transform myself into her, you would be speaking very accurately.
This is the necessary prelude to loving your neighbor, the real font of altruistic behavior.
Two answers come to mind: First, Jordan does not draw a chalk line between love and politics, and second, rejecting pacifism is an act of becoming true to herself, of loving herself, and only in loving herself is she capable of loving others.
We love you millions Maisie & Luca xxx BOARDMAN JAMES WORLD'S BEST DAD, Happy daddie's day dad, lots of love your loving little girl Kacie Cat xx BOARDMAN JAMES SUPER DADDY, Happy daddies day dad, lots of love your little Mollie monster xxx BODEN ROLY To a Dad in a million Happy Fathers Day thanks for everything dad.
Love from your ever loving son archie x Ellison Sean Happy First Father's Day Daddy
Thank you for giving me a loving home with lots of love -Mitzee moo x Beesley Sharon Happy Mothers Day Mum Your One In a Million Thanks for all you do Lots Of Love leeanne, Anaya & Cassius Xxx Bridge Christina Happy Mother's Day All my love Alan x Bellamy Jean Happy Mother's Day to the best mum in the world.
All of us received from others both life itself and its basic truths, and we have been called to attain perfection in relationship and loving communion with others.
I came to grips with the fact that a tree has many roots and I have many roots--some of them good and some of them not so good, such as loving to be the center of attention.
With loving song and tender touch, she opens Celie to her own loveliness and possibility and reveals a God who is not the "big and old and tall and graybearded and white" stern codger of Celie's old-time religion but, instead, an expansive God of trees, air, birds, people an erotic God who "love all them feelings," who "love everything you love," and "love admiration .
Once formed, character is relatively stable and sometimes resistant, but it can be reshaped gradually to become more loving, even into advanced age.
Thus Bell did not hold herself responsible either for loving or failing to love Penrod.