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all the world loves a lover

Many people enjoy seeing someone who is happy and in love. I can't help but smile when I see a couple young and in love. All the world loves a lover, after all. A: "Is it true that all the world loves a lover? Because I want to punch those sappy jerks." B: "That's just because you're single."
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alright me lover

A greeting associated with Bristol, England. Primarily heard in UK. A: "Alright me lover? How are you?" B: "Oh, just fine, and you?"
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alright my lover

A greeting associated with Bristol, England. Primarily heard in UK. A: "Alright my lover? How are you?" B: "Oh, just fine, and you?"
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lovers' lane

The generic name for a place, often one with a scenic view, that teenagers and young adults go to kiss and potentially engage in other sexual activity, typically in a car. If a boy takes you to lovers' lane, it's not because he wants to talk about the weather, OK? Oh my goodness, Ned, I think we found lovers' lane—look at all the kids making out in their cars!
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star-crossed lovers

Two people in love who are forced to be apart by circumstances or influences outside of their control. A phrase popularized in its use by Shakespeare to describe the titular characters of his tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Any high school couple forced apart by where they go to college will likely feel like star-crossed lovers for the first week or so, and then realize that there's way more to life than an awkward adolescent romance.
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star-crossed lovers

ill-fated lovers. I suppose that Romeo and Juilet are star-crossed lovers.
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lovers' lane

A secluded road or area sought out by lovers seeking privacy. For example, The police loved to embarrass youngsters parked in lovers' lane. [Late 1800s]
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Just how would the cool, back-to-blues-basics diva going to deliver the ever-so English "abso-blooming-lutely line from My Fair Lady's Wouldn't it be Loverly?
In view of the fact that 1996 is an election year, and a presidential election year at that, wouldn't it be loverly, to borrow a phrase from "My Fair Lady," if all concerned--candidates, spokespersons, commentators, and ordinary citizens--could resist the temptation to get down and dirty and be civil instead?
With cost control as the sine qua non of service delivery (Greene, Loverly, & Ondrich, 1993), there has been a failure to recognize that problems confronting elders and other populations with complex service needs, may be exacerbated by the unintended consequences of cost-containment efforts (Brandon, 1992), including efforts to administratively streamline services provided to a given population.
Laughterhouse Comedy, The Slaughter House, 13-15 Fenwick Street, Liverpool, 0800 177 7575 - Thu, 29 Mar TURN TO PAGE 16 CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15 events Port Sunlight Players present My Fair Lady Featuring a fantastic musical score including Wouldn't It Be Loverly, The Rain In Spain, I Could Have Danced All Night and Get Me To The Church On Time.
We also wish that Sharon had lost more excess weight for this project, so their love scenes could have come off as more appropriately 'loverly.' (Robin has absolutely no problem in this regard).
Where has love gone, what happened to the 'wouldn't it be loverly' content of the ad.
It's packed with memorable songs including I Could Have Danced All Night, I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face, I'm Getting Married In The Morning and Wouldn't It Be Loverly? "I really love the song that Eliza Doolittle sings, Just You Wait Henry Higgins, when she's in a real temper with him," says Mason.
The show includes great songs like Wouldn't It Be Loverly and I'm Getting Married In The Morning.
Although she looks a bit grumpy, she's loverly and purry and soft and a bit of a slapper, as my better half, who professes to be a cat hater, has been totally taken in by her.
She's blessed with a voice that rings with extraordinary purity and range, embracing "Wouldn't It Be Loverly" with great affection and soaring on the melodious wings of "I Could Have Danced All Night." She can also put a man in his place with amusing gusto on "Just You Wait" and "Show Me."
Hits from the show include On The Street Where You Live, Wouldn't It Be Loverly and I Could've Danced All Night.
WOULDN'T IT BE LOVERLY? From deep within the Evening Gazette picture archives comes this photograph from February 1966.
Not to be outdone, Allan Wellhausen (letters, July 4) trumps the hybrid crowd with his elitist letter about electric vehicles, claiming a $5,000 per year savings in gasoline cost - and wouldn't it be loverly if everyone should live like him?
Without question, the show looks loverly. Sure, the conveyor belts had to be sacrificed, and the painted-on book shelves of Professor Higgins' study shake a bit, but the grandness of the tuner comes through, with luxe costumes that pop and deeply expressive lighting that can lend a soft glow or cast a harsh light at all the appropriate moments.
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