love is blind

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love is blind

1. People are unable or unwilling to see the faults in those with whom they are in love. Everyone kept telling me that she had too many issues to be in a stable relationship, but I couldn't bring myself to listen until things started getting bad between us. Love is blind, I guess.
2. True love develops between people not based on looks but on their compatibility and personalities. A: "What does she see in a slob like him?" B: "Love is blind, man. Who can tell what draws us to another person."
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Love is blind.

Cliché If you love someone, you cannot see any faults in that person. Jill: I don't understand why Joanna likes Tom. He's inconsiderate, he's vain, and he isn't even good-looking. Jane: Love is blind.
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love is ˈblind

(saying) when you are in love with somebody, you cannot see their faults: I don’t like him at all, but she’s crazy about him. Well, they say love is blind, don’t they?
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love is blind

Lovers cannot perceive each other’s faults. By the time Shakespeare used this phrase (Two Gentlemen of Verona, 2.1; Romeo and Juliet, 2.1, 3.2; The Merchant of Venice, 2.6; Henry V, 5.2), it was already well known, having been stated by Plato, Plautus, and, in English in the late fourteenth century by Chaucer and John Gower.
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