love from

lots of love (from)

A common closing of a letter or message to a friend, relative, or romantic partner for whom one feels love. I can't wait to see you tomorrow! Lots of love, Jenny Thank you so much for your lovely gift. We all hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Lots of love from Mark, Mary, Paul and Sean
See also: lot, love, of

ˈlove from


lots of ˈlove (from)

(written, informal) used at the end of a letter to a friend or to somebody you love, followed by your name: Lots of love, Jenny
See also: love
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Love your 20 grandchildren xxx BERMINGHAM Sylvia Happy Mothers Day Mum Love from Stephen Claire Max Mason & Lola xxxxx BESTWICK Katie Happy Mothers day Mummy love from your 5 little men xxxxx BIGNELL Sandra Mum, Your the greatest, I hope you have a fantastic day.
We all love you lots from Natalie, Hayley, Louise, Kirsty & Graham xxxx Arnold Graham Happy Father's Day Grandad, We love you so much from Micheal, Zerrin, Gracie and Lexie xxxx Barton Nathan Happy 1st Father's Day daddy Love you so much Oliver xxxx Batchelor Ronald Remembering you grandad on Father's Day, love from us all xxxx bench Malcolm thanks for everything you have done for me love from selina bench BRADBURY John Happy father's day to the best daddy in the whole wide world.
Love Jade xxx Pryal Andrew Loads of love on Father's Day Dad love from your girls Katie, Amie, Sarah and Hannah xxx Pryal Andrew Happy Father's Day Grandad love you to the moon love Spen 10, Mimi and Alfie Bear xx Puri Rakesh Happy father's day x lots of love always from simran and Shivani xx Pym James Happy Father's Day to the best daddy n grandad X love from Wendy, mark , sam , Bradley & Lauren x Quigley John Happy Father's Day, thank you for all your love and support.
Love Declan xxxxxxx AITHWAITE MARK Happy fathers day dad hope you have a nice day lots love lauren and Olivia xxx AITHWAITE MATTHEW Happy Father's Day Grandad love from Amy and Noah xx AITHWAITE MATTY Happy Father's Day grandad love Kirsty and Jenson James xx ALLISON CHRISTIAN Happy Father's Day Love you millions, love Cody and Chrissy Jr xxxx ALLPORT BARRY Happy Fathers Day Dad
CONNOR DARREN Happy Father's Day love and kisses love from Lillymay xxxxxxxx CONNOR GARY Happy Father's Day grandad love you loads love from Lillymay xxxxxxxxxxx JACK CONSTANTINE TO THE BEST DAD & GRANDAD
Love from Sonny xxxx ALLAN James Happy Father's Day.
I suggest that far from withdrawing His love from such sinners, God weeps over them, as Our Lord wept over Jerusalem (Luke 19:41-44).
Love Nick, Citta, Jason XXX BYRNE KEVIN Happy Father's Day dad, love you Donna, Stacey, Karl & Jade xxxx Byrne PETER Happy Father's Day dad lots of love from all of us xxxx CADDICK KEVIN To the best husband in the world.
PETER MARTIN Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy ever lots of love from Paisley xxx Love you Jackie and Mummy xxxxx PHILLIPS ANTONY Happy Father's Day dad
Lots of love from Veronica, Angela, Julia, Christina, Laura & Peter xxx AdAmson Peter Have a great day Grandad love from Dylan, Jessica, Georgia, Amelia, Joshua, Grace, Noah & theo xxx adams sean Best daddy We love u all the world love from shane kane and chernade xxxxxxx Addison Carl Best Dad ever.
Love David :-) Ashley Graham Happy fathers day dad thanks for all you do with love from all of us xxx Badrick Mark To the best Dad in the whole world, have a great day love you now and always Earle & Lucy XXXs BAILEY TIM Happy Fathers Day Daddy, Your the best
Love your princess Evie Eliza xxx DUGGAN ANDREW Happy Fathers day Love always Adele xxx DUNKERLEY GEOFFREY Happy Fathers Day Dad love from Justin, Paul and Darren xxx DUNKERLEY JUSTIN Best Dad in the world.
Lots of love from Perry & Myles xxx HUGHES DAVID JOHN Happy Father's Day daddy Love you the world Your princess Carly xxx HUGHES DAVID JOHN Happy Father's Day to my David
Danielle xxx Alison Shale Happy Mother's Day mum Love you Amy xxx Ashley Kathleen Happy mothers day mum thanks for everything you do for us enjoy your day love from all of us xxx ATKINS KRISTY -LEIGH To our wonderful Mummy Lots of love from Michael & Lucas xxx DEAN AVRIL Happy Mothers Day Mum/Nan.