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lager lout

A loud, obnoxious drunk man. Primarily heard in UK. When I went to England, I accidentally ended up in a pub filled with lager louts.
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a ˈlager lout

(British English) a young man who drinks too much alcohol and then behaves in a noisy and unpleasant way: The police are planning to crack down on lager louts this summer.
See also: lager, lout
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The louts could have easily thought, 'as the newspaper reported they are coming to provoke we will go and show them…' What other consequences could this so-called report have had?
Fran Williams, team leader for enforcement and litter at Swansea council, said: "The people of Swansea have told us they are fed up with litter louts and dog owners who don't clean up after their pets.
It's the one that tells louts "Get as bladdered as you like, hit policemen and damage property and we'll see you're alright".
Don't allow the criminal behaviour of just two louts to ruin the reputation of British boxing.
The Millwall louts were kicking and punching the Leicester fans to provoke a fight but as soon as the coppers turned round they stood whistling as if nothing was going on.
Cllr Philip Evans, Conwy's Cabinet Member for Regulatory Services, said the fine was a warning to all litter louts.
He said: "What appears to appeal to people is OAPs frankly running rings around louts and drug dealers and literally turning the tables.
A SHERIFF is at the centre of a war with oil workers after branding them louts.
On the basis of a few aberrations, Cavanaugh slanders all jurors as "a bunch of louts, nincompoops, and media whores who need to stop trusting their guts and start listening to people smarter than themselves.
Environmental workers in Birmingham will be targeting litter louts and rubbish dumpers in a major crackdown this week.
Testosterone has a public reputation as the hormone that turns men into boisterous louts at best and violent criminals at worst.
Many public companies have behaved more like louts than leaders, and the image of business has taken a well-deserved hit.
The Royal Swedish dancers do this with great skill and charm, especially Tiiu Kokkonen, who seems to have arrived directly from the court of louts XIV.
FLY-TIPPERS, litter louts and dog owners who don't pick up after their pets could soon find their photos published in an online "suspects gallery" as part of plans by Rhondda Cynon Taf council.