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Awful; very poor in quality. I've always been lousy with spelling. I've just never cared enough to learn it properly. Wow, the food here is really lousy.

lousy with (something)

Having an abundance of something; having more of something than one needs or knows what to do with. We don't need another accountant—we're lousy with accountants! What we need is someone to overhaul our social media presence. My grandmother was obsessed with taxidermy, so her house was lousy with stuffed bodies of various animals.
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lousy with someone or something

Inf. having lots of someone or something. (Like an infestation of lice.) Old Mr. Wilson is lousy with money. Tiffany is lousy with jewels and furs, but she's got bad teeth.
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lousy with

Abundantly supplied, as in He's lousy with money. Like louse up, this expression alludes to being infested with lice. [First half of 1800s]
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mod. rotten; poor; bad. This mushy stuff is lousy. Do I have to eat it?

lousy with someone/something

mod. having lots of someone or something. (Like an infestation of lice.) Tiffany is lousy with jewels and furs, but she’s got bad teeth.
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Senior management of lousy marketing companies considers marketing a necessary evil.
It'll stand up to pollution, drought, lousy soil, or restricted root space and still grow into an impressive, spreading, 20- to 35-foot tree (capable of 50 feet).
Executives like Taurel, Vagelos and Pfizer CEO Henry McKinnell have been speaking out about some of the issues behind the industry's lousy image.
Crowds will remember a great speaker (or a lousy one), long after they have forgotten about the nifty table settings, delicious meal, or the free T-shirt.
and angst-filled young man struggling to deal with a lousy family life a sympathetic protagonist.
Honeybees kept just a bit cool when young turn into lousy dancers.
However, while this is unknowable, 2002 was a lousy direct mail year for almost all newsletter marketers.
NEW YORK-Even as lousy weather kept a lot of shoppers out of stores, the home goods segment shined.
Your titanium is looking pretty lousy," says Nick Oliver, senior trader at ELG's Los Angeles office.
It is the crassest theological idiocy to believe that Africans, most of whom have received their undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate theological training in the West would ever succumb to a theological change of heart for a few lousy chicken dinners and alleged payoffs by certain American evangelical bishops.
Johnathan Sparke, formerly of Victor Chandler, is quite right in his assertion that the deductions and betting tax make the Scoop6 bet lousy value.
No one likes to have his ordinary routine interrupted by a lousy cold, or worse.
RANDY JOHNSON, on how he handles frustration on the golf course: "I tell myself that Jack Nicklaus had a lousy fastball.
What makes a good president good, and a lousy president lousy?